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Get this: Respublika Font Family (10 styles)

Respublika FY is a gorgeously balanced humanistic sans serif font that is is neither too rigid, nor too round. It's just a very well-balanced typeface all around. Complete with 10 different styles ranging from light to extra black italic, there's pretty much nothing this titanic typeface can't do. Great for headlines, magazines, logos, posters, book covers, packaging, editorial pieces, you name it. See the font

iOS animations to inspire you

Capptivate.co is a gallery of iOS user interface animations from a variety of different apps. There are tons of beautiful apps included, making it a great source of inspiration not just for animation ideas, but for iOS UI ideas in general. You can browse by pattern or component.

The death of PSD to HTML?

PSD to HTML is Dead, from the Treehouse Blog, discusses the decline of using Photoshop to design sites that are then directly converted into HTML. They discuss how despite the popularity of the technique, it just doesn't make sense to design websites that way any more.

Great examples of web typography

Typewolf is a gallery of awesome web typography from all over the web. You can browse by font, which makes it particularly useful, in addition to being beautiful. New sites are added on a daily basis, meaning you'll never get bored with it either!

Create gorgeous CSS cover images

In this tutorial, Nicolas Gallagher tells us how to create Flexible CSS Cover Images for blog posts or other content. It works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and IE 9+, with the source image displayed at a predetermined aspect ratio below specific maximum dimensions.

Protecting Firefox from the NSA

This Wired article, Mozilla Calls on World to Protect Firefox Browser From the NSA, discusses how Mozilla's security team is calling on researchers from around the globe to audit Firefox's source code on a regular basis, and how they're looking for ways to prevent the NSA from forcing them to add backdoor access to the browser (and its users' information), among other things.

3D flipbook previews

This Book Preview with BookBlock shows a grid of books where each book can be opened to preview and excerpt, similar to the "look inside" feature Amazon provides. The book opens in 3D, a very nice UI touch. It's an experimental proof-of-concept, and won't necessarily work properly in older browsers.

Designers Touching Their Faces

This Tumblr blog is a photography collection curated by designer Nick Foster that explores the obscure trend that designers, you know, tend to touch their face. Perhaps the gesture is one of contemplation, or it could be a habit of idea generation. See the photos