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Sick of over-hyped headlines?

If you're sick of all the over-hyped, link-bait headlines that have been plaguing social media lately, then Downworthy is the plugin for you. It will replace key words and phrases with more realistic versions. For example, "will blow your mind" becomes "might perhaps mildly entertain you for a moment".

One-page Parallax Bootstrap 3.0 templates

This bundle of 5 premium themes from GT3Themes are all responsive design templates, built on the Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 framework, and use the Parallax Effect. Includes FlexSlider, jPlayer Plugin, Parallax Effect, jQuery Carousel, PrettyPhoto, Isotope Sorting, AJAX contact form, and more. They're also currently on sale for 95% off. See the themes

A simple experiment in physics and relaxation

Tumbler, created by Andrew Hoyer, is a simple physics experiment that's also a fantastic relaxation and meditation exercise. Sit back and watch a variety of shapes tumble around on your screen. You can set the speed at which they tumble, and choose to view with or without sound enabled. Mesmerizing...

Typography-inspired eyewear from Japan

If you love typography, then you'll definitely want to check out this Typography-inspired eyewear from the Japanese company Type. Two styles of eyeglass frames based on Helvetica and Garamond are sure to excite type-lovers (and hipsters) everywhere. Each style even comes in three different weights respective to the frame thickness.

Digital interactive shadow art for type lovers

The Letter-Heads is an interactive shadow art demo that's animated with CSS3 and JavaScript, inspired by the shadow art of Kumi Yamashita. Click each head to change the silhouette produced, and move your mouse to change the position of the light source.

Is 2014 the year of 4K for everyone?

2014: The year we all go 4K discusses the rise of affordable (sub-$1,000) 4K displays during the coming year. While 4K "ultra-HD" displays have been available for awhile, they were prohibitively expensive for most creatives. That all changes with the announcement of displays coming out this year under $1K.

Stop pretending to be a designer

Straight from the keyboard of Creative Director Jordan Gadapee comes this biting editorial: That Turtleneck is Choking You. Gadapee discusses how too many "designers" are simply faking the part and not producing enough work to really become great designers. It's a harsh look at the industry, but one that also offers some very good advice for new (and experienced) designers.

Create vector graphics online

Mondrian is a free web app for creating vector graphics, like a simplified version of Adobe Illustrator. It's fully open source, with all the basic tools you'll need to create your own vector graphics. It's easy to learn, too, giving it an edge over a lot of other vector programs out there.