February 6, 2014 · 573,903 awesome subscribers NEWSLETTER ISSUE #106

Massive Discounts on Stock Photos

Good stock images are expensive and that's why we have a special deal for you: download up to 100 images of any size for just $99 (normally $900 for the XXL size) from Depositphotos (less than $1 per image), any time over 1 year with no daily limit. Need more? Get 200 images for just $160 (regular price up to $1800 for XXL). See this deal

AIGA's look at design over the past century

AIGA, in celebration of their centennial anniversary, has released 100 Years of Design, which addresses what design is, along with outstanding examples of design from the past one hundred years. You can even add your own comments about what design is, to be displayed on the site.

A new pattern library from an industry leader

A Pattern Apart is a new pattern library from A List Apart. It gives a rundown of all the patterns used on the site, along with the code for each. It covers everything from color to typography to images and much more, all very well-organized with usage examples.

An animated CSS alphabet

CSS A/Z is an animated alphabet entirely in HTML and CSS. It's an impressive example of what can be done, and the theme makes it much more interesting than a general example site. And every animation is linked to its source code, so you can see exactly how each is done.

Get ColorStrokes for free

ColorStrokes is the world's most popular photo app for creative color editing. The app brings you easy-to-use tools to create images with selective colors, draw with new colors, selectively enhance background or foreground, add creative blur and more. Now available for free, don't miss out. Check it out here

Fonts from a sci-fi classic

Typeset in the Future covers fonts used in all sorts of sci-fi films and TV, and their coverage of Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey is fantastic. In addition to covering the fonts used, they also discuss the choices, and how the fonts were used (including interesting deviations from the standard typeface).

A cheat sheet for popular social media sites

The Social media cheat sheet - super speedy, all you needy is a downloadable reference guide to using images on all your social media accouns. It covers the various image sizes, as well as how many different options you need for each. Included are Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

Big agencies vs small startups

If you've ever wondered what it's like working for a large, established agency versus a small startup, then The very different worlds of large agencies and small start-ups may shed some light on it for you. Jack Burham discusses what it was like to go from working for big agencies to working for several small startups building web apps.

Are you following Google's guidelines?

How to follow the Google webmaster guidelines gives you a full rundown of what you need to do to both comply with Google's webmaster guidelines as well as how to make the best of them and improve your site's SEO. There are quick tips all on the home page, as well as links to more in-depth analysis of each individual point.

All in a day's work

In Something small, every day. Austin Kleon tells us how to make more work this year. He discusses focusing on days rather than larger units of time, and what you can accomplish in a day, rather than looking at weeks or months or years. He also talks about how all those days worth of work will add up over time.