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How to create branded mobile apps in minutes

Mobile websites are so 2012. Keep smart phones smart by using their native features with customized mobile apps specifically designed for business in every industry. Bizness Apps makes it easy to create & manage custom branded mobile apps for your clients in minutes using their code-free platform. Try for free - AD

A more optimized UI for single-handed IX

Vice Versa is a great new take on how placing buttons in a horizontal row in a touch UI doesn't make as much sense as a diagonally-oriented UI, which provides for better ergonomics, among other advantages. It's handedness-agnostic, and could be used for a variety of different kinds of apps.

The 25th anniversary of the web

Web at 25 is a celebration of the past 25 years of the web. It includes a message from Tim Berners-Lee (who's credited with inventing the World Wide Web), as well as news, events, videos, and more. There's a media center, as well as greetings submitted by users from all over the world.

A designer-friendly SXSW official selection

Font Men is a short documentary that gives a peek behind the scenes into the world of Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones. It's an exclusive look at the successful empire they built together before their recent split. H+FJ have created fonts used by many prominent companies, including the Wall Street Journal.

Textures inspired by Subtle Patterns

Transparent Textures is a selection of transparent patterns you can use as a background for your website. Just pick a color, pick a pattern, and grab the CSS for your site. There are modern patterns, traditional patterns, simple patterns, and patterns for virtually any style site you're working on.

Bootstrap 3.0. Starter Kit PRO

This robust collection features more than 35 useful Bootstrap templates: From landing pages to blog posts to scrollers and more. Also includes 5 Bootstrap Themes to change up the overall look of your site. Sounds too good to be true? It's not. Even when you consider the fact that this entire collection is yours for just $9! See the demos

Stop calling yourself a ninja

"Ninja, Rockstar or Jedi — please don't"Demeaning Titles explores the trend of designers and others calling themselves "ninjas", "rockstars", "Jedi", and the like. It takes a rather unfavorable view of the practice, to say the least, and in an often very humorous way.

Bake your MacBook Pro?

Most of us wouldn't consider baking a MacBook Pro that had stopped working properly. And yet that's exactly what Ales Kocjancic did with his. In How I resurrected my MacBook Pro by putting it in the oven he details the process, though with a hefty disclaimer that the fix is generally temporary at best.

An inuitive new design for Google Maps

Fast Company's Co.Design has offered up an inside look at the complete overhaul and redesign of Google Maps in Behind Google Maps' Intuitive New Design. It's a great look at the radically different UI (how many of you are still looking for the zoom controls in the upper left?) and how Google's team got there.

Inspiration from the real world

If you're looking for a little real-world inspiration without leaving your desk, then check out this Fantastic Shoppe Fronts Tumblr blog. It's a constantly-updated collection of old store fronts, mostly found in Vienna. There are fantastic designs throughout, and some great sign typography to be found here.