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100,195 Designers Are Creating Code Free Sites

There is a pixel perfect web canvas that over 100K designers are using to unleash their creativity. Webydo, with their advanced in-browser editor and site management tools, is the preferred code free platform for designers to create and manage their client’s websites. - AD

Gorgeous icon transformations

Marka is an awesome set of basic transforming icons, all done with JavaScript and JSON. Icons are specified by name, and include basic geometric shapes like triangles and squares, along with more complex shapes like check marks and asterisks.

A free cutting edge design app

Gravit is a cutting-edge design app that's powerful while still being app-size and easy to handle. It offers the creative power of a full-scale design suite and can handle complex design tasks, though it emphasizes versatility, fluidity, and elegance.

A Samsung rebrand mockup

Rebranding Samsung, from Aziz Firat, is an unsolicited redesign of the Samsung brand, inspired by Andrew Kim's Microsoft redesign. It explores the history of the brand from 1938 to the present, along with other important information about the company and their products before delving into the rebranding concept.


This bundle includes 160 professional mockups to make your next project incredibly easier. You'll find mockups for a huge variety of projects including: books, magazines, Apple devices, stationery, brochures, flyers, office gifts, and more. Mock ups are 3500x2300 in size except Logo mockups which are 1920x1080 in size. You can get it right now for just $27. See what’s inside

Modern Wikipedia interface for Chrome users

WikiWand is a Google Chrome app that gives Wikipedia a more modern interface. It makes Wikipedia more readable with improved typography. It simplifies the navigation to make it easier to browse, and offers preview on hover. And to top it all off, it's faster than the Wikipedia website itself.

Significantly smarter business cards

swivelCard: Smart Business Cards are regular paper business cards, but with a very important enhancement: they contain a built-in USB drive. Just fold them a particular way and you can plug it in via USB for more information. It's currently being funded via Kickstarter, though they've already exceeded their goal five times over, with nearly a month left to go.

A slicker Lorem Ipsum generator is a beautiful Lorem Ipsum generator that's super fast. Just use the sliders to specify how many characters, words, sentences, or paragraphs you want. Then you'll get a modal window with your dummy text that you can copy or share.

Need a shade of gray?

50 Shades of Drake is a fun grayscale color picker based on Drake. There are also 50 Shades of (Dr.) Dre, Jay(-Z), and Ye (Kanye West). Just hover over the shade you want and you'll see the hex value displayed. All four were created by Kim Walker.

A checklist for your next design project

This Visual Designers Checklist for the Web offers up to-do items for your design projects, including file organization, design practices, filters, typography, images, and more. Checkboxes are even persistent as long as localstorage is supported.