Remove Image Backgrounds with the NEW PhotoScissors v3

The incredible PhotoScissors app is fast, simple and with just a few mouse clicks, you can have a beautifully cut out image in under two minutes. It works on any image size and can handle even the toughest, most-complex backgrounds you toss at it. And the price? That's been cut too! For a limited time only, get 50% off the regular price of the new PhotoScissors v3! Even if already have version 2, you'll find that version 3 is certainly worth upgrading to! See the video

The 7 stages of being asked to work for free

Do you ever feel like your work is undervalued? It's worse when people ask you to work for free. Sammy Maine discusses the 7 stages of being asked to work for free in this commiserative article. Read it over and over again, any time you need some sympathy.

CSS's undersung property: box-sizing

If you haven't started using the box-sizing CSS property yet, let this article convince you to start. Get the lowdown on the property's history, its use, and its browsers support. A great list of further reading is included.

Responsive CSS Patterns without Media Queries

Not everything needs to be about media queries. Check out these query-free responsive CSS patterns to save yourself some lines of text. At least you can use them until element queries become a thing that browsers actually support. Until then, you'll want to get familiar with calc, because some of these techniques do use it.

HTTP/2 - A Real-World Performance Test and Analysis

A detailed set of performance tests show us how HTTP/2 compares to HTTP/1.x. Find out just how much of a benefit there is to switching. Once you're convinced, show this to your hosting provider and CDN service, if they haven't rolled out HTTP/2 already, and get ready to see some huge performance gains.

Brutalist Framework

Feel like your web design just isn't brutal enough? Well add some Street Fighter-level brutality with Brutal Framework, and get ready to have metal songs written about your websites. This site links back to one of our articles, so you know they know what they're doing.

Pentagram And The Case Of The Forgotten Typeface

Get ready for a detective story about a forgotten typeface. There's mystery, car chases, romance, and they used Google for it too! It all started on a dark and stormy night in Syracuse and... well go read it there.

Avocode 2016 Web Design Report

Avocode has written a report based on over 1 million designs that have been uploaded to their own platform. There's a lot of fascinating insight into the way designers are choosing to work these days. For example, you can find out which program has surpassed Photoshop amongst their users (it's Sketch), and other things that I don't have room for here.

DatoCMS - A CMS for static website generators

Perhaps the single most annoying thing about static site generators is that they were developed by developers. I mean, developed by developers, for developers. Enter DatoCMS. It's a hosted service that can be integrated with a variety of static site generators to build a full CMS that your average user can... you know... use. It's compatible with Jekyll, Hugo, Metalsmith, Middleman, and more.

Hex Naw

Hex Naw is a simple tool to help you determine if any two or more colors have enough contrast to be used together. Want to know if your lime green text will work on your cyan background? It won't, but you can verify that with Hex Naw.

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