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Some festive holiday icons

Merry Icons Free is a set of twelve Christmas-themed icons you can get for free from Hand Drawn Goods. It includes Rudolph, Santa Claus, a stocking, Christmas bauble, candle, snowflake, hat, Christmas lights, a present, mistletoe wreath, and more.

Ornamental Elegance with the Fleuron Font 

Fleurons are typographic ornaments that beautifully weave vinelike flowers and leaves together into perfect embellishment tools for for logos, invitations, greeting cards, posters, T-shirts and anything else that needs a little splash or touch of class. Includes 6 full sets plus 1 set of ornamental frames. See the font

Quickly generate favicon images and HTML

Real Favicon Generator is an easy-to-use favicon generator that lets you easily create favicons that work with mobile, desktop, and tablets. Just submit your image and it will generate not only the various sizes you need, but also the HTML code for desktop browsers, iOS and Android home screens, Windows Surface/Windows 8 tiles, and the Windows task bar.

An exploration of scalable iconography

Responsive Icons is a test site that's exploring the concept of scalable icons for responsive designs. But instead of icons that simply resize based on browser width, these icons will also change in complexity based on how large they appear.

Behind the scenes at 37signals

37signals Works Remotely is a new video from 37signals introducing some of the employees they have who work remotely all over the world, to promote their new book, Remote, Office Not Required. It's an interesting glimpse into the inner workings of the company and how they make a remote workforce work for them.

Why is ChuckNorris red?

Why does HTML think "chucknorris" is a color? is a great conversation on Stack Overflow that explains why seemingly random words and phrases are recognized as colors in HTML. It's a rather simple explanation, though some of the resulting colors are pretty interesting (for example, "MrT" is black).

A new look for your Google Maps

Snazzy Maps is a collection of different color schemes for Google Maps that's aimed at designers and developers. The Google Maps API allows for custom styles to be applied to maps, giving you the ability to match the design of your website.

A different take on PayPal's dashboard

Bruce Ackerman has created a PayPal Redesign concept that would be a huge improvement over the current (cluttered and dated) PayPal dashboard. He details the process he used to come up with the new design, from researching and creating a plan to wireframing to creating the design itself.