November 14, 2013 · 518,967 awesome subscribers NEWSLETTER ISSUE #94

Crafting a design-less product

How Square designed a product with no design at all covers the story of how Square Cash created a design-less product that allows people to send money to other people via email. Square Cash has no UI and no app, and yet it has to provide a very particular user experience, presenting a unique challenge.

Where did float label come from?

How the Float Label Pattern Started covers the story behind the origin of a float label and float icon being used in mobile apps. It maintains context while filling out a form, without using up valuable screen real estate. It's a great usability improvement that doesn't sacrifice good design.

Versatile Alana Pro Script font

The Alana Pro font was designed by the wonderfully talented Laura Worthington. Based on hand-drawn lettering, the friendly and quite unique Alana is a real natural-looking, semi-connected script face. And if you need to add a little flair or ornamentation to your text this font also includes a set of 62 ornaments. See the font

Need some office space inspiration?

Then check out Custom Spaces. It's a showcase of office space photos from leading companies around the world, including GitHub, Airbnb, Dropbox, and many others. It's a great source of inspiration, regardless of whether you're planning a home office or something a little bigger.

Free printable design paper

Printable Paper offers up free downloads of printable paper templates. There are isometric, crosshatch, notebook, ruled, grid, diagonal, dotgrid, and various wireframe templates available, most in a variety of sizes. The papers are available as JPG or PDF files.

Icons: value vs. decoration

Optimizing UI icons for faster recognition discusses how using recognizable icons that can be easily identified at a glance can greatly improve user experience and improve interaction speed in apps where it counts (like trading apps). It also covers the concepts behind creating recognizable icons.

An open source Gmail clone

Kite is a BSD-licensed open source Gmail clone that you can host on your own web servers. It has a more minimalist interface than Gmail, and is currently fairly limited in functionality (and is an alpha release), but more features will be added soon. It gives you more control over your email by letting you self-host.

Silly animated paintings

The World's Most Famous Paintings Get Animated, and Silly, from Co.Create, talks about the collection of paintings re-imagined by a trio of Australian creatives (Doug Bayne, Ben Baker, and Trudy Cooper) who are poking fun at some of the world's most recognizable paintings. The compilation was created for an Australian sketch show.