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A 12 days of UXmas wishlist

My 2013 UXmas Wishlist, from Lis Hubert, details twelve things she'd like to see happen in the UX field. It includes such items as showing more actual work rather than simply talking about that work, educating new UX designers, and creating more focus in existing UX conferences.

Massive font bundle

With 2,000 fonts in this mega bundle, the design world is your oyster. This collection is perfect for just about any type of project, be it logos, business cards, websites, posters, presentations, advertisements, and more. The license allows you to install the fonts on up to 10 computers. Sneak peek 

Create a foldable web

OriDomi is "origami for the web". It's an open source JavaScript library that makes the web foldable, just like paper. Create various folding effects, both vertical and horizontal, with zero dependencies. It works with media queries, is only around 20k minified and is iOS compatible.

How much do you know about front end dev?

This Front End Web Development Quiz from David Shariff is a great way to test your true front end development knowledge. There are three sections, on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. And a word of warning: the quiz is not easy. The average score was less than 54% correct.

Calling out bad UI/UX

Tab Closed; Didn't Read is a Tumblr blog showcasing sites that use modal windows, obscuring the page's main content, in order to promote a newsletter, app, or other "stupid" content. There are tons of examples, all with screenshots to capture permanently their transgressions.

8 steps to your own icon font

How to make an icon font — the 8 step guide shows you exactly how to create your own icon font that's backwards compatible to IE7. The entire tutorial is easy to follow, with screenshots to further illustrate the process.

A case study on choosing the perfect font

Choosing the perfect Typeface discusses the process that Cucumbertown used to find the perfect typeface for their website redesign, including where they looked for inspiration, and much more. It even discusses how they created specimen sheets for different device widths before making a decision.

Amazing SVG animations for Polygon

Polygon feature design: SVG animations for fun and profit discusses the process of creating the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 SVG animations for reviews on the Polygon site. It talks about why they chose SVG, how they went from Illustrator to SVG, the animation process, and more.

Lego album covers you're sure to recognize

These Iconic album covers recreated with Lego blocks are true masterpieces, created by British graphic designer Aaron Savage. Each album cover is meticulously reproduced in Legos before being photographed. Includes covers from Madonna, Michael Jackson, David Bowie and many others.