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Generate custom background noise

Want some background noise while you work (or relax)? Noisli is a background noise (and color) generator that's super simple to use. Just select which kinds of noise you want, set the volume for each, and let it play. Noises include wind, leaves rustling, storms, water, and more.

Secure your Imagery for 2014 with Thinkstock!

The Thinkstock annual Flex subscription gives customers the freedom to find the best imagery from iStock and Getty Images. Get 50 images a month — the size you need, when you need it — for just $99 a month. That's 29% off their popular Flex 50 plan. Start today and save big using the code MB9PC46N AD

Color inspiration for the new year

The Pantone Color of the Year 2014 has been announced, and it's a shade of purple called Radiant Orchid. Get the CMYK, RGB, Hex, and other color codes/values from the Pantone website, or download it as a swatch for your Adobe Applications.

Sick of Pinterest-style grids?

Can We Ditch the Pinterest-Style Grid Trend Yet?, from Addorn, discusses the masonry-style grid popularized by Pinterest, and its shortfalls in the usability area. A number of major sites are using the pattern, and this article discusses those that are doing it poorly and why it's a problem.

Pink light doesn't exist

There is no pink light is an interesting video that explains why there is actually no pink light, and the physics behind the color. For anyone who's interested in color theory, it's a great little lesson, coming in at just barely over a minute.

Valuable beginner lessons in coding

Hindsight is generally 20/20, and there are a ton of things we often look back at and wish we'd known starting out. Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Learning How to Code is an article that discusses many of the early doubts and delays that plague beginning coders, and how to get around them.

Behind the scenes of scalable products

Designing Products That Scale is a fascinating look at the design system and style guide behind Salesforce that make it significantly easier to maintain as it grows larger. It's a great handbook for designing a style guide and design system for your own projects, to make sure they can scale more easily as your app or company grows.

12 Personal vCard HTML5 Templates

A vCard is a great way to share your personal information with the Internet. Just toss your info up on your website and update it as soon as any information changes. With this bundle of high-quality HTML5 templates, you'll get 12 different personal templates to show off your perfect style. Fully customizable and responsive. See the previews

Apply CSS based on your browser's type handling

Type Rendering Mix lets you easily apply CSS based on the antialiasing and text rasterizer that your browser uses. It helps to eliminate differences between how various browsers and operating systems handle typefaces, so that your site's typography looks consistent regardless of what type of device your user is browsing on.