Photographers, just like designers, often use the Internet to help promote their work. Other than using mainstream photography and design sites such as Flickr, Behance and DeviantArt, photographers usually like to have their own portfolio. Not only is it professional, but it gives them an unlimited amount of options and ways to showcase their own work. This compilation showcases
Learning new information quickly is very important to both designers and developers. That being said, regardless of your profession and whether it’s for school, work, or personal improvement, being able to retain the information without the need to spend hours studying is an incredibly useful skill. One of the best methods for learning new information quickly is to use the
Sitepoint is known to consistently release amazing books. Their latest book, “jQuery: Novice to Ninja”, covers jQuery, one of the most powerful JavaScript frameworks. The exciting new 390-page book is perfect for any jQuery user, regardless of whether you’re a beginner, advanced, or somewhere in-between. WDD has once again partnered with Sitepoint to bring
Some of the best artists deal with disabilities in their everyday lives that the rest of us can’t even imagine living with, and use art to communicate with the world. The results are often stunning. We’ve collected biographies and sample pieces from outstanding disabled artists, both famous and lesser-known. The artists below paint with their hands, their mouths and
There aren’t many articles covering incompatibilities, or CSS differences in Firefox alone — and for good reason. Firefox has always done an excellent good job of supporting both CSS and JavaScript in a standards-compliant manner without too many awkward bugs. There are, however, a few CSS properties and selectors that aren’t supported by one or more of the versions
Every week we tweet a lot of interesting stuff highlighting great content that we find on the web that can be of interest to web designers. The best way to keep track of our tweets is simply to follow us on Twitter, however, in case you missed some here’s a quick and useful compilation of the best tweets that we sent out this past week. Note that this is only a very small selection of the links
Every week we feature a set of comics created exclusively for WDD. The content revolves around web design, blogging and funny situations that we encounter in our daily lives as designers. These great cartoons are created by Jerry King, an award-winning cartoonist who’s one of the most published, prolific and versatile cartoonists in the world today. So for a few moments, take a
Every city looks and feels unique. Regional culture, typography, dialect, local customs and many more factors play a part in defining a city’s differences. Those differences determine how that city sees its citizens and how it wants to represent itself to others. For each city with one, the metro plays a part in defining those differences. The metro maps in this post show the
If you’re like me, you graduated from art school and had dreams of working as an art director at a small agency. You envisioned having your own office on the top floor of a loft with 30-foot ceilings. Designers would play ping-pong below; people were allowed to drink beer at work; and brilliant ideas would flow effortlessly from your mind into multi-million-dollar campaigns
This post has been a long time coming. Whether on Twitter or in the blogosphere, the question often arises, and I have been asked numerous times for my opinion on the ExpressionEngine vs. WordPress debate, and why one would choose one content management system (CMS) over the other. My usual answer is that they cannot be compared. While WordPress had made huge strides in usability, for
Today we’re announcing the winners of the UPrinting contest that we held on WDD for the past week. Many thanks to all of you who participated. The response was great and we’ve got almost 500 comments. Each of the 10 winners has won a set of 500 free business cards of their choice with free shipping to anywhere in the world. The winners were selected at random and you can see the
Ugly designs abound on the web, and behind each and every one of them is a “designer”. In many of these cases the designers behind the sites are simply incompetent. They’re often amateur designers or those who have little or no design training or people who design their own sites based on a book from their local library that’s ten years out of date. But there