When you’ve been designing for a few years, it’s easy to fall into patterns. You carve out your personal style and find your inner voice. You figure out what you’re good at, and the world encourages you to play to those strengths. Bosses, clients and peers want to see you do what you’ve always done because they know they like it. There are no unpleasant surprises.
Ready for some WordPress development on your Mac? First, you need to be running Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Although Mac OS X comes with Apache and PHP, you don’t want Apple’s automatic software update to break your development environment by changing your working versions of PHP and Apache. Plus, do you really want to spend time tweaking MySQL? In this guide, I will show you how to quickly
We live in a world of information saturation, and that translates to web design. In such a competitive world, it becomes more and more important to stand out by breaking conventions. Sometimes it’s about layout, sometimes about the graphics and cool illustrations or anything else that can be different from others. In this post, we take a look at 100 websites that look really
Creating new web designs from scratch can be lucrative, but it’s also time consuming. If you want to make money repeatedly off of one design — without having to spend more time on it — the easiest way is to sell it as a theme or template. More than a few web designers take full responsibility for selling their themes, but it can actually be harder to sell a template on your own than
Social media sites and technologies like Twitter and Digg are something that the tech savvy take completely for granted.  We just automatically assume that if you are on the Internet, you are using social media. This isn’t really the case. There are some very important people that are not yet aware of social media and what it can do – your clients. Social media is definitely
Remembering the good all days, when me and my friends were playing Doom, Mortal Kombat, Quake or War Craft on a Pentium 133 MHz computer with Sound Blaster and a 4MB video card. A lot has changed since then. Video games actually are a lot older than that we used to play in the 90s. The first video game was created in 1947 called Tennis for two and it was played on an oscilloscope like device. With the release
Sometimes, it seems absolutely impossible to keep up with all the design work you’ve got coming in. But, other times, it may seem like you just don’t have enough work to meet your income goals. In these times, it makes sense to offer a few more services to your clients — to make sure that you can make a little more money. The ten services below can make it easy to boost your income
WordPress is a great tool for creating blogs. It works well most of the time, it offers automatic updates, and it offers the numerous benefits of open source software … including the fact that it’s free to use. WordPress certainly isn’t perfect, though. (Then again, what software package is perfect?) Fortunately, most WordPress problems can be solved with a few
Recently we looked at the characteristics of effective blog theme design, and I’d like to take a similar look at the portfolio sites of freelance designers. A designer’s online portfolio is a critical part of the business, and in some cases the most valuable asset of the business. A good portfolio site is a constant lead-generation tool, but what is it specifically that
Although there are lots of posts that evaluate different design blogs, I haven’t seen many that focus specifically on corporate websites. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the homepages of the Top 30 technology companies (the order of this list was determined by the InfoTech 100 from Business Week), and assign them a PASS or FAIL rating based on the quality
Here at WDD we get inspired by beautiful imagery… We look at our computer screens for long hours a day and what better way to get inspired by having some stunning images to look at? In this post, we invite you to take a journey with us and be transported to amazing fantasy worlds. Get inspired with these amazing wallpapers that take you to the limits of your imagination. Here’s
So you’re browsing through your favorite website and found a site that uses a font you love. You want that font too, (and must be as quickly as possible!)… so how do we go about finding out what that font is called? Sounds familiar? Yes… we’ve all been there before! One easy option is to simply email the webmaster and ask for the name of the font and where to get it.