The June edition of what’s new for web designers and developers includes new web apps, frameworks, grid systems, game platforms, inspirational resources, Photoshop plugins, text editors, and some really great new fonts. Many of the resources below are free or very low cost, and are sure to be useful to a lot of designers and developers out there. As always, if we’ve missed
Storytelling is virtually as old as the human race itself. Ever since human beings could talk, they used storytelling as a way to communicate ideas, lessons and concepts. Web design is all about communicating ideas and concepts, as well, which is why storytelling on the Web is the perfect way to engage users. As web designers get more creative and look for new ways to enhance the user
We all start somewhere. As a new designer, I couldn’t have cared less about structure in my designs. I would open up Photoshop, and push pixels around until I made something that I thought looked cool. As I learned to code, my process was similarly haphazard. I do not look back on the old days with too much fondness. My work was sloppy and unfocused. I had no clear goals. As a beginning,
Every week we tweet a lot of interesting stuff highlighting great content that we find on the web that can be of interest to web designers. The best way to keep track of our tweets is simply to follow us on Twitter, however, in case you missed some here’s a quick and useful compilation of the best tweets that we sent out this past week. Note that this is only a very small selection of the links
Every week we feature a set of comics created exclusively for WDD. The content revolves around web design, blogging and funny situations that we encounter in our daily lives as designers. These great cartoons are created by Jerry King, an award-winning cartoonist who’s one of the most published, prolific and versatile cartoonists in the world today. So for a few moments, take a
Web design is one of the most exciting fields to work in, but keeping up with the technology involved can be a challenge; and when you add into the mix the industry’s favorite software, Adobe Creative Cloud, the amount you need to learn just to keep pace is staggering. However, thanks to our sister-site,, mastering both web design and the Adobe eco-system doesn’t
This is not a management article. Well, it kind of is, but please leave your agile-lean-workplace-organization-human-resources backpack at the door. We’re here to talk about making things; making them really good with the help of others, and growing as creatives. I say this at the second re-write of this article, having slogged through academic reports, HR consultants’ white
There are some tasks that are so tedious to complete online that we always put them off until the last minute: whether you’re filing your taxes or buying groceries, the number of “required field”s is always too high. One process that’s particularly awkward is booking flights; a problem that numerous airlines have tried, and failed, to improve. The latest attempt has been
Webdesigners don’t work in a vacuum, our designs don’t exist in the whitespace of a monitor; they are out there in the real world, where real people use them in their everyday lives. This has always been true, but is even more relevant with the rise of the mobile web. It’s vital that you communicate this to your clients, by showing off your designs in their best light: being used by
While a lot of online communication has moved to social media, email is still a very important part of any online marketing campaign. And when we think of marketing emails, what generally comes to mind is HTML email, rather than plain text. Designing for email is much like designing a simple webpage, but there are some key differences you need to take into consideration. You also need
[— This is a sponsored post on behalf of Webydo —] Hot on the heels of their professional web design platform, WYSIWYG front-runners Webydo have announced their community-choice’s latest feature: Parallax Scrolling Animator. Voted for by almost 90,000 users, Webydo’s release of the Parallax Scrolling Animator is a giant leap forwards for professional web designers; giving them the freedom to create incredible
At Apple’s WWDC today, the company debuted some pretty ‘meh’ changes to iOS7; iOS8, which will be available to download in the Autumn of this year, might have more appropriately been named iOS7.1. Amongst the multi-threaded workflow and invasive notifications—so I can be distracted by Twitter even more often—was one shining gem: Apple have a new programming language.