40 Awesome IPhone Application Websites

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Apr. 27, 2009

iPhone applications are hotter than ever. So how do these applications stand out and get noticed?

One great way to do this is by creating a great website design that showcases these applications in the best possible way.

These sites are usually very focused, professional and clean. You will also notice that there’s usually a video displayed in an iPhone casing that shows how these applications are used.

In this post we bring you 40 excellent websites designed to showcase iPhone and iPod touch applications.


1. Tap Tap Tap

Tap Tap Tap develops games, entertainment apps and useful tools.



2. Weightbots

Weightbots helps you keep track of your weight. You can track your progress easily in a very beautiful and easy to use interface.



3. Sourcebits

Sourcebits is a software development company that has created several iPhone apps.



4. AirPhones

AirPhones allows you to wirelessly listen to audio from your computer on an iPhone or iPod touch using Wi-Fi, making it work like wireless headphones.



5. WordPress

WordPress, the popular blogging platform, also has an iPhone app. This app allows you to write and publish posts directly to your WordPress blog.



6. Things

Things is one of the top task manager applications for the Mac as well as the iPhone and iPod touch. It is easy to use and its many features increase productivity. You can even sync the iPhone and iPod version with the desktop version wirelessly using Wi-Fi.



7. Classics

Classics is an application that holds many great books that you can read on your iPhone.



8. Ego

Ego allows you to check your status on multiple different services such as FeedBurner, Google Analytics, Mint, and Twitter.



9. Mock Draft

Mock Draft allows football fans to watch highlights and scout players.



10. Parking

This app provides a timer and GPS location tracking to help you avoid getting a parking ticket.



11. iShots

A fun app that shows 20 recipes for shots, that is a fun app to play with on St. Patrick’s day.



12. Mint for iPhone

Mint is a popular budgeting application that is also available for the iPhone. You can check your account balances anywhere, and access accounting and budget information.



13. Behance Action Method

Behance’s task manager and productivity software on the iPhone is free. You can create To-Do items, manage project plans, and send notices to others.



14. Delivery Status

This application allows you to track packages from top shipping companies such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and TNT.



15. Spoonjuice

Spoonjuice is another development studio that has several iPhone applications. They design and invent fun and playful applications.



16. Tapulous

Tapulous is the creator of Tap Tap, a Guitar Hero like game, and many other games as well as tools.



17. iFood Assistant

This application from Kraft gives recipes and food ideas for over 7,000 meals.



18. Gas Cubby

This application is an excellent tool to help you track gas mileage and maintenance records for your car.



19. Frenzic

Frenzic is another fun puzzle game for the iPhone.



20. Snow Reports

Snow Reports shows the latest snow reports from ski mountains worldwide. It shows information such as amounts of snow, weather reports, trail information and lift reports.



21. Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket is a development studio that has numerous applications, including games and helpful tools. One of these is Voice Recorder, which allows you to take voice notes.



22. Mustache

Mustache is another great development firm with three awesome apps, including an application to help users quit smoking, a Twitter search tool and a March Madness application.



23. Tweetie

Tweetie is a fully featured Twitter client and one of the top apps to manage your Twitter account.



24. Evernote for iPhone

Evernote is an application that helps you remember things by allowing you to create notes, take photo notes, record a voice memo and more.



25. Fieldrunners

Fieldrunners is a strategy game with stunning graphics, developed exclusively for the iPhone.



26. 1Password

This application saves and stores passwords to make logging into websites easier. It also synchronizes your passwords with the Mac version.



27. Firetask

Firetask is yet another task manager application. You can manage projects and due dates, along with many other features.



28. FileMagnet

FileMagnet enables users to move files from their computer to their iPhone very easily. You can copy files quickly, and it is cross-platform compatible.



29. Where To?

Where To? is an application that helps you find businesses based on your location.



30. Sketches

Sketches makes it easy for you take notes and sketch on the iPhone.



31. Tipulator

Tipulator does a great job at calculating tips. You can calculate a tip based on total cost, percent and number of people.



32. ShareCard

ShareCard is an easy way to move contact information to and from your iPhone/iPod touch and to other iPhones through email.



33. Parablox

Parablos is a fun and interactive puzzle game.



34. Pharos IV Assualt

A shooter game for the iPhone and iPod touch.



35. Noter2

Noter2 lets you sync your iPhone with the Noter Mac application. It allows you to easily create quick notes.



36. Real Soccer 2009

This is a fun and realistic soccer game for the iPhone.



37. Zumobi

Zumobi is a development firm with many iPhone apps.



38. FlightTrack Pro

A great app that helps you track your flights, check flight status around the world, check airport weather, and more.


39. Shooter

This is a tactical game based off the movie Shooter.



40. Monopoly

EA Mobile has a Monopoly application for the iPhone.


Which ones do you use? Can you recommend other great websites for iPhone applications like these?