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April 28, 2009
Thanks for all the submissions received over the past few days for our weekend Self Portrait challenge. Your submissions were of very high quality once again and a true source of inspiration. The self portraits you'll find below are very diverse, extremely creative and full of emotion. Thanks to all for your hard work and we'll continue to bring you more design challenges in the coming weeks. Please leave your comments after the photos below and give us feedback as to what design challenges you would like to see next.

1. Alfredo Carlo

Name: Alfredo Carlo
Location: Bologna - Italy
Bio: Graphic Designer and graphic facilitator in Italy and in the World. Photographer for fun and sustainable design supporter.
Comments: Me and my son
Technique: iPhone polarized picture and lomography effect
Twitter: @housalfredo

2. Andy Widodo

Name: Andy Widodo
Location: Indonesia
Bio: Web front-end developer
Comments: During my working hours-in my home office. I put the camera on the desk then randomly took some pictures of myself.
Technique: Nothing much again, just adding Photoshop effects.
Twitter: @playgroundpilot

3. Raul Pinto

Name: Raul Pinto
Location: Mumbai, India
Bio: I am a 20 year old computer engineering student at the Don Bosco Institute of Technology. I have always been interested in designing something new. I designed my first website at the age of 14 and have been carrying on ever since.
Technique: Photo taken using a point and shoot camera, Canon ixus 60. Photoshop used to crop and adjust levels.
Twitter: @raul9

4. Matt Swan

Name: Matt Swan
Location: Guildford, UK
Bio: Graphic designer, furniture designer, interior designer.
Comments: Inspired by the complexity of London and the simplicity of a happy life.
Technique: Photoshop - nothing too complex.
Twitter: @mattySwan

6. Ben Homan

Name: Ben Homan
Location: Orlando, Fla.
Bio: Graphic Freelance Artist
Technique: Step 1: Go skydiving. Step 2: Take some pictures. Step 3: Explosion of brushes, colors, masks and outlines.
Twitter: @bhoman

7. Lee Milthorpe

Name: Lee Milthorpe
Location: UK
Comments: I wanted to capture a self portrait that describes me and music is a big part of my life, especially my acoustic guitar, so I wanted to get that in the shot, whilst aiming for an edgy, grungy feel to the photograph.
Technique: The setup consisted of a tripod with my Canon 350D resting on it, pointing at my bedroom wall. I didn't have a shutter release cable so had to use the 10 second timer before grabbing my guitar and diving into the shot. Not an easy task! About a million shots later and hours of post processing, I finally had something I was happy with.
Twitter: @leemilthorpe

8. Zeno Popovici

Name: Zeno Popovici
Location: Sibiu, Romania
Twitter: zenopopovici

9. Szabo Bogdan

Name: Szabo Bogdan
Location: Bistrita, Romania
Technique: Studio photo

10. David Silva

Name: David Silva
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Bio: I am an artist, graphic designer and aspiring photographer. I use as a platform to promote my art as well as showcase other artists work and provide design solutions and tutorials.
Twitter: @_davidsilva

11. Geert van der Heide

Name: Geert van der Heide
Location: Netherlands
Bio: Freelance web designer and content manager at the NHL university in Leeuwarden.

12. Sam Frysteen

Name: Sam Frysteen
Location: Australia
Comments: Just a random shot I took of myself a year or so ago that has become my fave pic of me.
Technique: Guess work and Photoshop (was in my early days of taking photos and no one else would stand still for me)

13. Harley Alexander

Name: Harley Alexander
Location: Jervis Bay
Bio: I'm a 16 year old web designer from Australia who loves WordPress.
Technique: Photoshop
Twitter: @baffleinc

14. Abby Graham

Name: Abby Graham

15. Marlon Cureg

Name: Marlon Cureg
Location: Muscat, Oman
Bio: I works as a web and graphic designer. I love to do photo and video editing. I spent almost 4 years abusing Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere.
Twitter: @kulotz

16. Alysia Robertson

Name: Alysia Robertson
Comments: Yes, the car was moving. Yes, on the freeway. The angle even confused my 10-year old daughter who asked, “ exactly did you take this picture?”
Technique: Changed my lip color, blur layer, half tone layer, burn and dodge on eyes, a few other fancy smancy layers and, ta-da
Twitter: @AlysiaRobertson

17. Tiago Castro

Name: Tiago Castro
Location: Portugal
Technique: PS edited

18. Bogdan Sandu

Name: Bogdan Sandu
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Bio: A young web designer from the city that was once called “the new Paris”
Twitter: @boogiesbc

19. Silvino González Morales

Name: Silvino González Morales
Location: Bogotá, Colombia, South America
Comments: Self portrait playing with the gesture like an expressive tool and the face textures.
Technique: Digital photography
Twitter: @yourmung

20. Michael Distras

Name: Mike Distras
Location: Wakefield, West Yorkshire - UK
Comments: Used this opportunity to actually take a photo of myself... And I normally have brown eyes so I liked this edited version!
Technique: Shot with Nikon D80 + 2 SB600's, levels darkend, burned edges, sharpened, skin slightly softened, converted to B+W and colour added to eyes.

21. Damian Leung

Name: Damian Leung
Location: Belgium
Bio: Photographile & web beginner
Technique: Dragan effect gone completely wrong...
Website: (not up yet)

22. Drea

Name: Drea
Location: San Francisco
Technique: Photo Booth (?) and playing around with the settings. I'm sorry, I don't really have a technique...
Twitter: @dreah

23. Sara Rutledge

Name: Sara Rutledge
Location: Cape Cod Mass.
Bio: I am a student at Emmanuel College in Boston, Ma. I am a sophomore studying graphic design.
Technique: I took this picture with a 35mm camera using black and white film.
Twitter: @sararut

24. Lars Welter

Name: Lars Welter
Location: Germany (but the Photo was taken in Norway near Oslo)
Bio: I study social sciences and computer science at the the University of Duisburg-Essen.
Technique: As you can see I don't used Photoshop that much, but I still like the shot and the light of the picture.

25. Shane Gillies

Name: Shane Gillies
Location: Colorado, backyard
Bio: I am a freelance print and web designer... and budding photographer. I enjoy capturing the real and natural side of life and applying that to design pieces of various mediums.
Comments: Shot with a Canon XSi in RAW format. Also I added some warmth to the photo and a crinkled paper overlay. I call this image: Roughly Pondering
Twitter: shanegillies

26. Katerina Skotalova

Name: Katerina Skotalova
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Bio: Web developer
Comments: I am not a photographer and I am shy to take my picture. I like playing with light.
Twitter: @pigcore

27. Alejandra Maria Maldonado

Name: Alejandra Maria Maldonado
Location: Tegucigalpa. Honduras
Bio: 26 years old, architect, and I love art in any of its ways.
Technique: Just a black and white picture.
Twitter: @alemarie04

28. Adam Laki

Name: Adam Laki
Location: Hungary
Bio: I'm 18 years old beginner photographer.
Comments: who am I?
Technique: Lomography

29. IgnasU

Name: IgnasU
Location: Lithuania
Comments: First self portrait ever. I like that sweater :)
Technique: Canon 350D, Photoshop
Twitter: ignasu

30. Michel Samucha Testmann

Name: Michel Samucha Testmann
Location: Copenhagen
Comments: Taken with photobooth. Photo: "Glasses"
Technique: Contrast, Contrast, Contrast. Added exposure, brightness, layer masks, blur, sharpness.

31. Chris Everett

Name: Chris Everett
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Bio: Art Director with extensive experience in leadership of teams specializing in prepress, and production of images for print and online publishing.
Comments: I've always liked the spontaneity of those photo machines that dispense the strip of four images - I originally pictured these as a vertical strip but rearranged it for the purpose of this challenge. Print production constitutes the majority of my experience so it was natural for me to think of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK) for the image backgrounds.
Technique: I took a bunch of photographs of myself, selected four, and then used some standard Photoshop methods to color the backgrounds. Nothing too fancy here.

32. Paul Straetmans

Name: Paul Straetmans
Location: Kakadu International Park - Aboriginal Lookout, Australia
Bio: My name is Paul Straetmans, 22 years old. I am Dutch multimedia designer who graduated at the Avans University in Breda. Direction Communication & Multimedia Design. At the moment I live in Melbourne where I'm trying to extend my CV and get more experienced.
Comments: Photo was taken while traveling through Australia with a Canon 350D with a plain Canon 18-55 lens. The photo was way too bright so I retouched the photo with Photoshop.
Technique: To create better colours I used the Levels Tool and to create the clouds (there were no clouds there at the moment - It was smoking hot on these rocks!) I used the cloud brushes from Blazter.

33. Elizabeth Gordon

Name: Elizabeth Gordon
Location: Milton Keynes, UK
Bio: Photographic Artist
Comments: Untitled
Technique: Canon 300D
Twitter: @shutterBetty

34. Steve Varndell

Name: Steve Varndell
Location: Birmingham
Bio: West Midlands based artist/designer, studied at BCU.
Technique: Digital photograph, illustrated in Inkscape, fiddled with in Photoshop.
Twitter: svarndell

35. Sjoerd Dijkstra

Name: Sjoerd Dijkstra
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Twitter: @sjoerddeknoert

36. Agata

Name: Agata
Location: The Netherlands
Comments: I had to lay on a cold stone to take this picture :)

37. Kelly Latimer

Name: Kelly Latimer
Location: Singapore/Melbourne
Bio: TV/Event Host & Vocal Talent - A recent media graduate with a taste for all things mac-related. Born of two worlds with nowhere but everywhere to call home.
Comments: This photo of myself with my Boy was taken to prove that love conquers all... Even gale-force winds.
Technique: Canon Ixus 80IS, edited in Photoshop with desaturation, colour boost and increased contrast.
Twitter: @kellylatimer

38. Lubomir Ruska

Name: Lubomir Ruska
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Bio: Ultimate alien ass kicker from outer space :)
Comments: This photo is made from a very low quality cellphone photo.
Technique: Too many steps and filters to remember, heh.

39. Aniek Velthuizen

Name: Aniek Velthuizen
Location: Rotterdam
Twitter: @aniekv

40. Otakar Libra

Name: Otakar Libra
Location: Prague, Czech republic
Technique: Ordinary self-portrait made with one remotely triggered flash :-))

41. Removed at owner's request

42. Ramon Thompson

Name: Ramon Thompson
Location: New York City, N.Y.
Technique: 1 Speedlite through a white shoot-thru umbrella, in front of a white wall. Canon Eos 40D.

43. Walt Gordon Jones

Name: Walt Gordon Jones
Seattle, US
Technique: Tripod and handheld electronic remote. (Look closely!)
Twitter: @waltjones

44. Shannon Fera

Name: Shannon Fera
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Bio: Freelance Philosopher, M.A. East/West Comparative Philosophy, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Technique: Casio ExElim, Edited in Picasa

45. Alessio Calvo

Name: Alessio Calvo
Location: Rome, Italy
Bio: I am a Graphic Designer, current studying to expand my knowledges. I love all form of visual arts and music.
Comments: White and black are two colors that I favor. Thanks to these colors I can obtain the maximum expression of shadows and lights which is why I chose to photograph my photos in this color mode.
Twitter: alessiocalvo

46. MrGreen

Name: MrGreen
Location: My home office's window
Bio: I’m a web designer. I’m addicted to graphic design whether it’s online or offline, music, movies and … coffee.
Comments: I used the evening light to take this pic. Put your camera out the window, and point inside. Use a remote if you have it.
Technique: f 50mm, 1/30, f 2.8 (wide open, for a blur background) using natural light. Some Lightroom processing. No Photoshop.
Twitter: PtitBen (I don't accept massive followers)

47. John Oliver

Name: John Oliver
Location: UK
Bio: I am a web and graphic designer

48. Dawid Dziurdzia

Name: Dawid Dziurdzia
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Bio: Graphic / Flash Designer
Comments: I have always been interested in designing something new.
Technique: Adobe Photoshop, Blender
Website: Which ones are your favorites? What other design challenges would you like to partake in?

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