80 Creative Ways to Customize Your MacBook

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June 12, 2009

The MacBook and MacBook Pro are stunning examples of minimalist design.

Their sleek lines, simple shapes, and uncomplicated designs are pinnacles of modern beauty. But let’s face it: they pretty much all look the same.

Whether you have a basic 13″ MacBook, a MacBook Pro, or a MacBook Air, they’re all silver, they’ve all got a very similar shape (even though the Air is significantly thinner than its counterparts), and while they’re never boring, they can sometimes be a bit blah.”

The beauty of the MacBooks though, is that they make the perfect blank canvas for customization. Whether you want to just carry it around in a spiffy sleeve or bag, or commit a bit more with a skin or sleeve, there’s something out there available no matter what your taste or personality.

Below you’ll find 80 different skins, sleeves, decals and cases to customize your MacBook and make it reflect who you are. Most of the companies featured have additional products available on their websites.

SeeThru Case from Speck for 13″ Aluminum MacBook, $49.95

Original AppleSac from ColcaSac, $29.99 for any size

Brown Denim Sleeve for 13″ MacBook by fernfiddlehead on Etsy, $32.00

Gray Felt Sleeve by FILEMILE on Etsy, $55.00

Sumo Orange Nylon Sleeve for 13″ MacBook, $34.99

Samonite’s Aramon Sleeve for 13″ MacBook, $29.99

Knomo’s Yellow Slim Sleeve for 13″ MacBook, $49.99

Antenna’s Classics Croc Matte Sleeve for 15″ MacBook Pro, $42.99

Olive Green Knit Sleeve by blackeyedsheep on Etsy, $29.00

Rainbow Knit Sleeve for 13″ MacBook by martice on Etsy, $28.00

The Peony Lace AppleSac from ColcaSac, $29.99 for any size

Big Trees Bag for 17″ MacBook Pro by TrackandFieldDesigns on Etsy, $48.00

News Print Fabric Sleeve for MacBook Air by Italiacraft on Etsy, $59.00

Beige Print Sleeve by sherrybags on Etsy, $16.00

IKEA Birds Print Sleeve with Strap and Pockets by annyandme on Etsy, $53.00

Rathbone Vintage Plaid iSockit Case by blytheking on Etsy, $45.00

Forest Messenger Style Bag by TrackandFieldDesigns on Etsy, $64.00

Mendocino Mermaids Sleeve for 13″ MacBook by Lollington on Etsy, $37.95

Designer Sleeves’ IOM MacBook Air Sleeve, $39.95

Built NY’s French Bull Sleeve for 13″ MacBook, $45.99

LeSportsac’s Big Sleeve for 17″ MacBook Pro, $38.00

Built NY’s Bumper Pattern Sleeve for 15″ MacBook Pro, $39.99

Recycled Coffee Sack Burlap Sleeve for 13″ MacBook by pippiberyl on Etsy, $25.00

I Just Need To Be Held Eco Sleeve by curiousdoodles on Etsy, $70.00

Vintage Leather Sleeve for 15″ MacBook Pro by meeri23 on Etsy, $64.95

Greensleeves Sleeve for 13″ MacBook by thinkgreensleeves, $44.95

Laptop Sweater Sleeve for 13″ MacBook or MacBook Air by sogrey on Etsy, $20.00

Custom Upcycled Coffee Bag Laptop Bag by labudde on Etsy, $50.00

Handmade Leather and Rosewood Limited Edition Sleeve for 15″ MacBook Pro by PalmerAndSons on Etsy, $300.00

Goonie-Goo-Goo Sleeve by brokesy on Etsy, $85.00

Thick Felt Sleeve for 17″ MacBook Pro by MacCover on Etsy, $75.00

Lap Sack’s South Padre Wide Zip Portfolio for 13″ MacBook, $155.00

Kena Kai’s Inter-Departmental Mail Italian Leather Sleeve for 13″ MacBook, $80.00

MacCase’s Premium Leather Sleeve for 13″ MacBook, $99.95

Kena Kai’s Lizard Metallic Print Sleeve for 13″ MacBook, $149.99

Kena Kai’s Ostrich Print Sleeve for 13″ MacBook, $149.99

Casauri’s Citra Evelope Sleeve for 17″ MacBook Pro, $75.00

Colin Thompson’s Blue Willow, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin

Heather Haynes’s Rooted In Earth, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin

Simon Oxley’s Contortionist, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin

Kandinsky’s Farbstudie Quadrate, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin

Lawrence Yang’s Depths, $29.95 for 13″ MacBook Skin

Jeremiah Ketner’s Peeking Under Leafs, $29.95 for 17″ MacBook Pro Skin

Alberto Cerriteno’s The Enamored Owl, $29.95 for 13″ MacBook Skin

Colin Johnson’s My Pop, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin

Blue Blocks, $19.99 for any size skin

MARS-1’s Homemade Universe, $29.95 for 17″ MacBook Pro Skin

DAIM’s Lady Lion, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin

DAIM’s Red Metal, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin

Si Scott’s Swan, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin

Catalina Estrada’s Gold Flowers, $29.95 for 17″ MacBook Pro Skin

Aya Kato’s Kobe, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin

Bamboo MacTatt, $29.95 for any size skin

Rays MacTatt, $24.95 for any size skin

Stars and Flies, $19.99 for any size skin

Maple Leaves, $19.99 for any size skin

Keep Calm and Carry On, $19.99 for any size skin

Peace Dove, $19.99 for any size skin

Eye Chart I Read Your Email, $19.99 for any size skin

Fictional Underground, $19.99 for any size skin

Philip Straub’s Sosheskaz Falls, $29.95 for 17″ MacBook Pro Skin

Nathan Ota’s Robo, $29.95 for 17″ MacBook Pro Skin

Lyle Owerko’s Boombox, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin

Colin Thompson’s Underworld, $29.95 for 17″ MacBook Pro Skin

Derek Prospero’s Motherboard, $29.95 for 17″ MacBook Pro Skin

Colin Thompson’s Steampunk, $29.95 for 17″ MacBook Pro Skin

Golfer, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin

O Canada, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin

Stars and Stripes, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin

Union Jack, $29.95 for 15″ MacBook Pro Skin

Walnut, $35.00 for 13″ or 15″ Skin

Cork, $35.00 for 13″ or 15″ Skin

Vine Flouris Decal from Scribble on Walls, $12.00

Dandelion Blowing in the Wind Decal by lewasdesigns on Etsy, $7.50

Animal Footprints Decal by DesignsbyCat on Etsy, $10.00

Dude Decal from Scribble on Walls, $12.00

Son of Mac Decal by artwallproject on Etsy, $9.00

Laptop Invaders Decal by vinylwalldesign on Etsy, $15.00

Scrolls Decal by michellechristina on Etsy, $13.00

Fantasy Decal by post on Etsy, $13.90

Do you customize your MacBook? Which ones are your favorites? We’d love to hear from you!

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