Our Favorite Tweets of the Week <Br/>Mar 7-Mar 13, 2010

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Mar. 14, 2010

Every week we tweet a lot of interesting stuff highlighting great content that we find on the web that can be of interest to web designers.

The best way to keep track of our tweets is simply to follow us on Twitter, however, in case you missed some here’s a quick and useful compilation of the best tweets that we sent out this past week.

Note that this is only a very small selection of the links that we tweeted about, so don’t miss out.

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Top 10 Geekiest Decorations for Your Home or Office [PICS] http://bit.ly/d3d8w5

14 Visually Stunning Animated Infographics http://bit.ly/cuZ06V

Google Logos: http://www.google.com/logos/

Are graphic designers valued and paid? http://bit.ly/cbJ8SD

25 Various Fail Whale Illustrations http://bit.ly/cCX9XU

Common Questions About Design Professionalism http://bit.ly/aHP9R4

20 exceptionally cool websites using HTML5 as their markup http://bit.ly/az0K5u

44 Impressive Examples of Reflection Photography – http://bit.ly/alyDS2

Google vs. Yahoo: Who Has the Right Social Strategy? – http://bit.ly/ahigAW (via @mashable)

The drawings of Leonardo da Vinci http://bit.ly/OvUO

Using Images to Influence http://bit.ly/aptH4q

8 Design Elements Your Blog Should Have http://bit.ly/c4iyHu

Dreaded Favors Asked of Web Designers http://bit.ly/9vUc5i

☞ Spice up those tweets with ✽ Twitter Keys ✽ http://bit.ly/aFFa

Spontaneous ampersand http://tweetphoto.com/13848555 /@benson (via @Typophile)

15 Unique and Innovative Calendars: http://bit.ly/bz8MP9 (via @toxel)

Flash and Standards: The Cold War of the Web http://bit.ly/9hRhAB

Showcase of Double-Sided Business Cards http://bit.ly/cvOJ0S

The Death of Originality in Design – Coming to Terms http://ow.ly/1goRr (via @thephuse)

How To Use Curves in Photoshop http://bit.ly/cD4s5q

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