Showcase of Photography Portfolio Websites

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Mar. 19, 2010

Garrod Kirkwood

Another simple portfolio, this time for the wonderful work of Garrod Kirkwood. The navigation can’t be simpler and it is super easy to browse his portfolio, simply clicking on a thumbnail that you want to see. For those that want to see the photos at full-size, there is another option that allows you to enlarge the image even further. Great for those of us that have big screens and want to make the most of that factor.


Blue Lily

Blue Lily’s portfolio is a little bigger than most in this showcase, including a client log-in area, pricing pages, contact pages, and various gallery types to separate their work. Although such a large number of pages to visit, the navigation is simple to use, with loads of space left to display the fantastic images at the largest size possible. Photos are viewed automatically using a great slide-show, however we are left with the option to click through images manually.


Nick Onken

Nick Onken’s site is perfect for those of us who want a little extra to experiment with whilst looking through the various galleries. We have the option to select our favorite photos and add them to a “light-box” area, which we can visit later; this page obviously then showcases our favorite photos! A great addition to the site if you plan on showing somebody else your favorite photos; especially helpful if you’re looking to hire the photographer and want to talk it over with your family, friends, colleagues or clients.


Ken Kaminesky

Ken Kaminesky, like many others in the Flash section of this showcase, uses the size of your screen to his advantage to show off his brilliant work as large as possible; if your browser isn’t maximized, you have the option to view full screen it so you can see every tiny detail in his HDR photographs. To view the next photo in the gallery you’re currently looking at you simply click, simple!


Joby Sessions

Joby Sessions’ portfolio uses some fantastic eye-catching Flash (animated) illustrations that gets you interacting with the website as you as you hit the go button. Whilst being drawn in by the great animated effects the rest of the website is loading, meaning you’re not waiting around watching a blank screen waiting for images to load.


Zhang Jingna

Zhank Jingna’s minimalistic portfolio makes superb use of white-space to show of the beautiful photographs. The different galleries are easy to locate, and navigation throughout the portfolio areas themselves are very easy to use, simply clicking on the photo that you want to enlarge.


Lenny Wolf

Lenny Wolf’s portfolio uses a large blank area on the front page of his portfolio to cleverly draw your eyes in to the featured photo on the front page. The site is extremely simple to use yet is absolutely stunning to look at.


Miles Aldridge

Miles Aldridge’s portfolio is completely black and white other than his extremely colorful photographic shots. The photos are categorized under different galleries such as “Editorial” and “Portraits” and are all shown on one page in small thumbnails. You can click on a thumbnail to view the image full size. Simple yet effective, and the white border around the whole design adds that extra something.


Kevin Murray

Kevin Murray’s portfolio uses some neat and modern typography, making the users experience a great one. Different galleries can be found at the top, and images are loaded in the background, similar to the front page. Images are browsed through by clicking left and right arrows.


Erwin Olaf

Erwin Olaf’s portfolio is basically made up of tags such as “rain”, “mature” and “chessmen”. This allows the user to easily find their way around the portfolio. When a tag is clicked, all images within that tag category are displayed as thumbnails with a larger view of the images above.


Andrew G Hobbs

This Polaroid-style portfolio of Andrew G Hobbs uses some fantastic Flash animation techniques to enlarge a “Polaroid frame” whilst messing other photos in the background up, allowing you to focus more attention on the enlarged photograph.


Ciril Jazbec

Ciril Jazbec’s portfolio allows you to select an “area” of photography when entering the site, such as portraits, advertising or corporate. Once an area has been selected, the viewer is presented with a sleek selection of thumbnails which can be clicked and viewed full-screen.


Nil Takipte

Nil Takipte’s portfolio uses some excellent hand-drawn style doodles, making the design interesting and very unique. Some great animation techniques have been used, allowing you to arrange and enlarge various sized thumbnails.


Ad Vlemmix

The portfolio of Ad Vlemmix uses the capability of full-screen Flash to view as many photos on one page as possible. The overlaying photos are normally black and white, and when clicked is brought to the front of the layers and transformed into color, making it stand out incredibly well against the black and white background.


Thomas Spiessens

Thomas Spiessens portfolio is completely slide-show based, using a great pixelated transition effect, making the slide-show much more visually appealing. The slide-show can be skipped through using a neat line of thumbnails directly beneath the enlarged images.


Brook Pifer

Brook Pifer’s portfolio can be browsed by clicking on a certain type of gallery such as “Entertainment” or “Advertising”. Each gallery can be searched through by either viewing thumbnails, or watching a sleek and eye-catchy slide-show.


East Photographic

East Photographic is a great portfolio, using a minimalist and gray-scale color scheme to make the fantastic work out pop out of our screens. Work can be viewed by photographers name or project, and is browsed through by clicking on the current image to view the next.


Jeffery Salter

Jeffery Salter’s portfolio again is very clean and minimal, using a very limited amount of color in the design itself. The portfolio itself is viewed by simply clicking on a gallery type, and then clicking on the current image to view the next.


Jill Greenberg

Finding what you’re looking for in Jill Greenberg’s portfolio is super-easy, with loads of different ways to find her different work. You can either view the whole portfolio, or select a name of a famous person and view their portraits. Clicking on a thumbnail enlarges it and removes the background, making you focus completely on the displayed image.


Jonathan Glynn Smith

Jonathan Glynn Smith’s portfolio has a great introduction, using colorful images and modern typography to create a visually appealing entrance for the viewer. The portfolio itself is very simple to browse, simply clicking on a gallery such as “Fashion Women”, “Fashion Men” or “Travel and Style” to get a neat selection of thumbnails with an enlarged image above.


Alessio Pizzicannella

The portfolio of Alessio Pizzicannella has a selection of thumbnails on the left-hand side of the design, which can be scrolled through, allowing you to change the current selection of thumbnails. Clicking on a thumbnail image enlarges it on the right-hand side, making the portfolio very simple to use. A great addition to this portfolio means you can click some where on an enlarged image to select a color – doing this will automatically change the background color of the entire site. This is great if you want to see a certain photo in a suitable setting, such as a photo with a lot of white on a white background, or vice versa!


Alberto Oviedo

Alverto Oviedo’s portfolio, like many others, allows you to select a gallery type, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. Once you’ve chosen a gallery type, you are presented with a horizontal slide bar, allowing you to scroll from left to right to view different photos in that one particular category.


Rinze Van Brug

As soon as we enter the portfolio of Rinze Van Brug, we are asked to select either “Fashion Photography” or “Travel Photography”. When you have chosen a category, you can simple click left and right arrows to scroll through photos.


Sarah Cheng-De Winne

The portfolio of Sarah Cheng-De Winne is one that stands out quite well in this list of portfolios, using large uppercase white typography against a dark image. When viewing the portfolio area of the site, you are presented with a selection of thumbnails of which you can click and view the images at a much larger scale.


Tim Melideo

Tim Melideo’s portfolio uses some grungy texture to make the photography stand out. The images themselves are viewed by clicking on thumbnails to view and enlarged version of the image directly above the line of thumbnails. Although this is a great Flash design, it could easily be achieved using HTML and CSS.


Lee Towndrow

The portfolio of Lee Towndrow uses a page full of thumbnails, which can be moved left and right allowing you to view more thumbnails in a similar category. Clicking on a thumbnail will remove all other links and thumbnails and make the image the exact same size as your browser; perfect for the full-size browsers.

Compiled exclusively for WDD by Callum Chapman, a freelance designer from Cambridge, UK. He is the creative mind behind Circlebox Creative and Circlebox Blog, and can often be found writing for design related blogs.

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