The Word Art of Juan Osborne

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Nov. 29, 2010

“A picture is worth a thousand words’. We’re sure you’ve heard this expression a million times before, but you probably have not quite ‘seen’ it yet…

Juan Osborne is a Spanish architect and designer, that has literally taken this expression and created stunning art with this concept. His amazing compositions are made up of words,  literally thousands of words!

He starts his process by collecting words from books, speeches, movies and recreates photographs and painting using these words laid out in a way so that they form the picture.

Just like with tags on blogs, the more repetition he encounters for each keyword, the bigger it appears in the final composition.

In this post, we’ve compiled some of his more unique works, which include classics such as “The Scream” to more contemporary visualizations for a character on the TV show “Lost” and even Obama speeches.

You can find out more about Juan and his art at his website. Larger versions of these images can be accessed by clicking on any the images below.




Honore Daumier




Peace for All… Tastes


Warhol’s Revenge




Claude Monet


Country Road in Provence by Words


3D Alphabet Experiment




2011 Binary Calendar


2011 Spiral Calendar


The Most Difficult “Where’s Waldo?” Ever


The Scream


The Beatles


On the Origin of Words


Kate Evolution


Obama’s Word Relationship


The Bible


Jester in Words

You can find more about this art and the artist at

What do you think of this type of art? And have you found Waldo? Share your thoughts with us below…