Our Favorite Tweets of the Week <Br/>Jan 3-Jan 9, 2011

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Jan. 09, 2011

Every week we tweet a lot of interesting stuff highlighting great content that we find on the web that can be of interest to web designers.

The best way to keep track of our tweets is simply to follow us on Twitter, however, in case you missed some here’s a quick and useful compilation of the best tweets that we sent out this past week.

Note that this is only a very small selection of the links that we tweeted about, so don’t miss out.

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Is Good the Enemy of Great in Web Design? – http://ow.ly/3wnSP

Techniques That Can Help Improve Your Lifestyle as a Designer/Developer – http://ow.ly/3wnVg

Beautiful Liquid In Motion – http://ow.ly/3wSC0

The State of Web Design Trends: 2011 Annual Edition – http://ow.ly/3wSI9

Understanding the Psychology of Logo Design – http://ow.ly/3ylCz

The Pros and Cons of Art Directed Blog Posts – http://ow.ly/3zGOw

How to Be a Purple Cow Among Designers – http://ow.ly/3ym5D

Apple’s App Store… By the Numbers (Infographic) – http://ow.ly/3ymsM

Starbucks has a new logo: http://ow.ly/3z38s

Relinquish your Mundane Design Blog – It’s time for Improvement – http://ow.ly/3z3bb

How Bad Design Choices Destroy The Web? – http://ow.ly/3x80A

What 20 Minutes On Facebook Looks Like: 1M Shared Links, 2.7M Photos Uploaded, 10.2M Comments – http://ow.ly/3wSHq

RT @neylano: This Moleskine ad is just lovely. http://bit.ly/fx3pmc (via @adellecharles)

How to Mimic the iGoogle Interface – http://ow.ly/3tWsD

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