Minuscule Photo Collection by Maite Guerrero

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Jul. 01, 2011

“Another way to see the world, the little things are more important than we think…” – Maite Guerrero

Search for photo manipulations practically anywhere online and you might be surprised at the varying quality you’ll find.

The majority of photo manipulations are unconvincing at best, and some are downright awful. Not so the work of Maite Guerrero.

Guerrero’s Minuscule collection of photo manipulations is truly magnificent. So much attention has been paid to detail, composition, and scale in this series, that it’s easy to believe the images are real.

In this post you’ll see a collection of photos of the Minuscule series. Look closely at how they’re composed, and the way everyday items are made surreal by the addition of miniaturized living subjects.


What do you think of the Minuscule collection? Which one is your favorite and why? Please share your thoughts below…