Our Favorite Tweets of the Week <Br/>Dec 19-Dec 25, 2011

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Dec. 25, 2011

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Should We Always Deploy Content Management Systems? – http://t.co/oI59HZpB


What fate have you prepared for Xmas trees this year? http://t.co/ObaXIKpB


All Google Doodles 2011 – http://ow.ly/88rry


Milk carton that changes its color to indicate the freshness of its content – http://ow.ly/88rrz


Measuring and sizing UIs, 2011-style – http://t.co/DJB3xgos


Statue of Liberty Made of Over 1,000 U.S. Dollar Bills – http://ow.ly/88rrA


Proteigon: A Geometric Stop Motion Short – http://t.co/dleJhjDQ


Design It to Build It: What to Consider When Designing for the Web – http://t.co/Ieh8ANpr


Wonderful World Of Disney Steampunk – http://t.co/hvJKFEof


10 Funniest GIF Trends of 2011 – http://t.co/F7gsjlRk


Overloaded vs. Generic Commands – http://t.co/Odbn6elL


Poll Results: Ideal Page Size – http://t.co/xnUltdgW


2011 Lego Year in Review – http://t.co/PzV31Cjh


Steve Jobs: 20 Life Lessons – http://t.co/pEtMQHwJ


A Guide To Heuristic Website Reviews – http://t.co/xsJGRLyw


7 Strategies to Make Facebook SEO Friendly – http://t.co/nMcIstlP


The Alphabet in Photography by Abba Richman – http://t.co/tYXi32YT


An Idea Everyday: A Mission To Find Creativity – http://t.co/azN7no5d


Create progressively enhanced 3D CSS rollovers – http://t.co/iyZdbtad

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