Our Favorite Tweets of the Week </Br> Mar 26-Apr 1, 2012

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Apr. 01, 2012

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Facebook adds new function and books ticket on the express bus to hell! http://ow.ly/9RYm4


A-HA! This is why every client has the same reasons we should do free work! http://ow.ly/9RYuu


Has the “net bubble” burst again? Disturbing news indeed http://ow.ly/9RYM6


If they’re smart phones, how come they didn’t go to high school? http://ow.ly/9RZ2a


Belvedere Vodka ad makes for some angry drunks http://ow.ly/9XwBp


Pinterest enters the U.S. presidential race http://ow.ly/9XwRW


Augmented reality invented in 1959 but Walt Disney kept it secret http://ow.ly/9Xx9O


Mobile apps crash course http://ow.ly/9RZJZ


Is Google liable for searches? Woman insists it is! http://ow.ly/9XxpP


Millions of dollars lost in Nigerian email scam? http://ow.ly/9XykV


Print cheats death: Turns to magic formula http://ow.ly/9RZQZ


New Stephen King novel comprised of nothing but tweets http://ow.ly/9XzTi


Do web designers work too hard to have time for drama and arguing? http://ow.ly/9RZYy


Evidence of ancient tweeters http://ow.ly/9XyZA


Adobe CS6 not exactly free http://ow.ly/9Xzv6


Israeli – Iranian peace Facebook page blocked http://ow.ly/9XAl3


Zuckerberg announces retirement http://ow.ly/9XzgO


China makes huge investment in their future with internet buys http://ow.ly/9S0e3


Just when you though the design field was safe from politics http://ow.ly/9XxD5


Google April Fool’s Day joke infuriates users http://ow.ly/9Xy0D


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