Roundup of Single Page Websites

Dan Rajan By Dan Rajan  |  May. 03, 2012

One of the recent developments on the web has been the rise in the use of one page websites by everyone from web designers to large companies to promote their product, app or portfolio.

One page websites look great with many having very simple designs, large typography and amazing illustrations and graphics too making them some of the best looking sites on the web in 2012.

Often using the very latest CSS3 and jQuery they are a great way to create a site that has maximum impact.

Here is a roundup of 30 single page websites featuring lots of different styles.


Auxillary Design Co.

Auxillary Design Co.‘s is a well designed, vertical scrolling, one page website with a nice, simple color scheme, it looks great.


Carrot Creative

Carrot Creative‘s site is well designed with a nice rotating gallery on the page and easy to find links to all their various social media platforms.



Diaz is a great one page site, with a dark feel, it creates an atmosphere. The color scheme is well selected too and the touch of grunge works really well.



Dinebook‘s launch page is well designed, professional, with an easy way to stay in touch about future updates.


Dangers of Fracking

Dangers of Fracking is a one page site that displays its message in an easy to navigate way with a nice touch of texturing added which adds to the site’s feel.


Ben Fryc

Ben‘s one page website features some great large typography and some great illustration too. A really nice one page website that is well designed.


Fuel Brand Inc.

Fuel Brand‘s website looks great with great flowing animations when moving between pages and varying colours making it an attractive site.



With a focus on big, bold typography, the Identix website is a great example of a vertical scrolling one page website.



Indo Folio

A well textured site, Indo Folio‘s site is well crafted with an amazing background image that makes it stand out from many other sites.


Heidi Tao Yang

Heido‘s site is a very simple one page site with a great feel and a nice use of large typography too.


Launch Factory

Launch Factory‘s site is a great vertical scrolling one page website; it’s well textured, easy to navigate and flows well. The color scheme is well chosen, the oranges work really well.


Anthony Fonte

Anthony’s site is a portfolio site that features a great fixed navigation sidebar on the left and pull-down portfolio items in the main body; it’s well designed and allows you to go through his portfolio without clicking away from the home page.


Will Forsyth

Will‘s site is a great one page site that features a well chosen font selection and color scheme.


Emilie and Vincent

Emilie and Vincent‘s site is very simple, great feeling, one page site with easy links to the different sections. It’s well laid out and easy to navigate.


Goin’ Nutty

Goin’ Nutty‘s iOS app website is a great example of a one-page website; with a nice rotating gallery of the app, a link to the App Store and a well illustrated background; a great site.


Bicho Malvado

Bicho‘s site is a HTML5 one page website displaying Bicho’s latest tweet with a well crafted graphic at the center of the site and links to various social media platforms. Simple but looks great.


Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography, as you might expect, focuses on images. It’s a simple site that guides you through the stages of a photoshoot and then ordering the DVD. It uses a minimal, slightly retro, color scheme that fits perfectly.


Feel Wire

Feel Wire has gone for a clean, white, background with a focus on a featured web application; it’s a nice site, well positioned and professional.


Peter Pearson

Peter’s site is an example of a horizontal scrolling site that is great to navigate through making great use of the sky background that is the theme throughout the site. It’s a great site and a great example of what can be achieved using some simple scrolling jQuery.


C People

C People‘s site has an amazing background image accompanied by a very simple, easy to navigate site. The focus is the great background image.


Site Leaf

Site Leaf‘s site is another example of a fresh, clean approach to webdesign with a well laid out one page website that highlights the key features of their CMS. It’s a well constructed site that focuses on what a visitor would want to know about their product.


Enzo Livolti

Enzo’s site is a clean and simple one page website that focuses on what he does; the message is clear. The use of colour is really good too and the site doesn’t feel cluttered.


Ryan Scherf

Ryan‘s site is full of texture, from the social media icons to the background, making a great impact on the viewer. The fonts are well chosen and the site is really well constructed.


Damp Bicycles

Featuring a fixed navigation on the left with big, well chosen, photographs in the content Damp Bicycles is a great site that’s clean, simple and professional.


Ben Markowitz

Ben‘s site features an awesome CSS3 header that moves as you move your cursor across the screen, it’s a great touch that makes this site stand out from the rest.


Dann Petty

A perfect example of a one page site using a large background with big typography; it’s looks great, uncluttered and effective.



Bennett Feely

Bennett’s site is a simple, well textured one page website. The use of the rectangles to add some perspective is a great touch.