20 Creative and Inspiring Event Websites

Kendra Gaines By Kendra Gaines  |  Dec. 25, 2012

Some promotional strategies start and end with Facebook or Eventbrite. Most event planners don’t go far beyond posting the event and maybe asking a couple sources to do the same. Sometimes people use newspapers or community calendars and some just use cheap flyers.

Don’t get me wrong; there’s a lot you can do with Facebook or Eventbrite, but there are also times you need to create a consistent brand. On top of that, you may need to offer lots of history and information, as well as various ways to register for an event. When content gets heavy, you can outgrow these free or low-cost ways. It’s time to create an event website.


Web design for events

There are plenty events throughout the year for those interested in design and business and other things. Fortunately, some of these organizations and events decided to create specific websites for themselves. We hope you not only gain inspiration here, but we also hope you find an event that you’d like to attend.


Sasquatch Music Festival 2012

The Sasquatch Music Festival is a highly acclaimed music event that typically takes place over Memorial weekend. This website informs viewers of musical guests as well as venues and other small events.


Barcamp Omaha 2012

Barcamp is not your typical conference. They boast a very open format cultivates networking and relationships. The design is also un-orthodox yet extremely exciting and interesting.


Brand New Conference 2012

Most events have a greater purpose than just coming together. Many are attempts to share knowledge and new things with people. This conference is basically what happens when a blog continues to share their views and knowledge.



This conference is a local music festival located in Seattle. It has a long history in its area, and it tends to draw many people. This website tells viewers musical guests and also helps sell tickets.


ConvergeSE 2012

If you think about a web design conference, you may think that it’s set up like school. If you haven’t been to one, you’ll imagine someone talking to you about web design. This conference is much more fun and they seem to put an emphasis on the culture surrounding them. It’s not just about talking with them, it’s about interacting with people as well.


Design Week Portland

Design Week Portland likes to focus on the design culture in the area. This sounds like a wonderful networking event for those in the area who are looking to gain a little knowledge. This site uses a unique scrolling technique to inform visitors of the schedule of events.


Festival Mundo 2012

The language barrier for some here may take away from what this event is all about. It doesn’t matter though, because the beauty is in this wonderful web design. It’s a bold, illustrated and scrolling piece of artwork.


Future of Web Design Prague 2012

FOWD is another conference designed for us (designers and developers) to put us in the know of future trends. There are plenty goodies that go along with registering for this conference. This seems like a wonderful conference to attend if you’re extremely serious about web design.


Greenbelt Festival

The Greenbelt Festival is a different type of event. This festival uniquely looks to combine arts, faith and justice. It may be a combination you’ve never heard of before, but it’s going on 40+ years strong. This website gives tons of info on the event as well as it’s purpose.


Hunie presents: Designers & Startups 

This is a single day event, which automatically makes it different from any of the former web designs. What I like about this one is it’s use of Eventbrite while maintaining it’s own identity. 


Image Festival Rotterdam

If you weren’t paying attention, you would think you’d stumbled onto a fashion blog. This design takes a very creative approach to it’s event. While it’s long ended, you can still see some of the work produced at such an event.


Inspire Conference

First off, you have to appreciate the design of this website. The illustration is captivating and draws interest to the event. Soon, you figure out this conference is created to help individuals craft web design. Great, consistent pun.


KKV Marketing Expo 2012

Much like the previous website, this event offers a fun and illustrative design. You don’t need to know the language to understand the purpose of each section and element on this page. That’s called doing it right.


Media Summit

This is another event that utilized the power of Eventbrite, as well as kept it’s own brand. The Media Summit focuses on the changes in technology and such in the media and attracts all types of people, from entrepreneurs to advertisers.


Nordic Ruby 2013

It’s important to know how to prepare for an annual event in between time. While this event is over with (as most previous ones are), this one uses a quick landing page to let you know when the next one is, as well as important sponsorship info. 


St. Louis Design Week 2012

Much like the Portland website, this event focuses on design in the area along with the culture. Unlike the Portland site, they’ve created a more fantastical design that mesmerizes while creating a great user experience.


Truett Brooklyn Burciaga

Just a couple weeks ago, we talked about how people like to announce their weddings online. As that trend becomes popular, you have to wonder if the following trend becomes popular: websites to announce births! Below is a site that does just that.


World Alzheimer’s Day

This site is used to create awareness for a day. No, it’s not necessarily an event, but the people over at Alzheimer’s Disease International attempted to find a way to make an event out of it. The purpose of this site is to raise awareness through social media and donations.


An Event Apart

A List Apart is a pretty popular place for designers and developers to go online. Fortunately for those interested, they put together a conference/tour event annually. This is a pretty normal looking site which admits to the idea that it doesn’t have to be fancy to make sense.


Circles: A Creative Conference

We’ve covered many design conferences and events, but what makes this creative conference different is their topics. While many discuss trends and how to do certain things, this conference talks about processes and passions and being creative. Those are extremely important topics. Not to mention the web design isn’t too bad either!


Did we miss any of your favourites? Are there any design conferences or events you’d strongly recommend? Let us know in the comments!