Check Out Adobe Creative Cloud’s Latest Updates Live on Facebook

Cameron Chapman By Cameron Chapman  |  Dec. 03, 2012

One of the biggest advantages to Adobe’s Creative Cloud membership is the regular updates Adobe offers to Cloud members. Those updates mean that you no longer have to wait a year or more for a major release.

Although Adobe doesn’t publish a set schedule, so far, new updates have been shipping every couple of months. These updates include everything from major changes and improvements to JDIs (Just Do Its).

On December 11, Adobe will be announcing its next big overhaul to some Creative Cloud products at their Create Now Live event. While they’re not publicly releasing exactly what they’ll be revealing at that event, they are showing some pretty awesome offerings in a video available on their Facebook page.

In fact, Facebook is where the live event will be streamed, via a custom app. It’s a fantastic way for them to reach out to designers, and to build a stronger community. That being said, they’ve done at least one thing very right: the event isn’t behind a Like-wall (you don’t need to like Creative Cloud to attend the event).

There will be some major additions to Photoshop’s features list announced at this event, as well as new features for other products within Creative Cloud. Demos of these new features will be shown, of course, and some inspiring creative pros will be included, too.

It’s certain to be an event worth watching live if you’re a Creative Cloud or Creative Suite user (as I think most of us are). Check out the video preview below for more!


Are you excited about the Create Now Live event? What do you hope will be announced next week? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image/thumbnail, creative cloud image via Shutterstock.