Our Favorite Tweets of the Week: February 25, 2013 – March 3, 2013

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Mar. 03, 2013

Every week we tweet a lot of interesting stuff highlighting great content that we find on the web that can be of interest to web designers.

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38 Maps You Never Knew You Needed –> http://depot.ly/i3ZHr


You’re gonna like this Instagram page http://depot.ly/ialzu


Irony: What Model Poses would look like in Real Life http://depot.ly/iaiGf


Learning From Cinema: What Sci-Fi Tells Interaction Designers About Gestural Interfaces http://depot.ly/ialVt  via @smashingmag


Cool article about NGO branding by @CreativeReviewhttp://depot.ly/iakwn


Dina Velikovskaya’s Stop Motion Film “My Strange Grandfather” Tells an Enchanting Story http://depot.ly/iai9F  [Video]


The #UX Thinking Behind Mailbox’s 800,000-Person Waiting List http://depot.ly/i7TRf


Green screen = it’s everywhere! http://depot.ly/i8HsM


Cristina De Middel’s Afronauts: An African space fantasy http://depot.ly/i7Tgx


Some nice thoughts on working remotely http://depot.ly/i7TLz


Espresso Framework is a simple, scalable web framework http://depot.ly/i7P7I  *Nice resource


Famous Resolution Lists for a positive boost http://depot.ly/i41iS  Jonathan Swift, Susan Sontag, Marilyn Monroe, Woody Guthrie


Christina Papagianni has an impressive eye for detail in her vivid illustrations http://depot.ly/i3Wr5


Background inspiration http://depot.ly/i40Xu  The Oscars’ All-Time ‘Best Original Songs’


The Power Of Typography http://depot.ly/i5ybf  Creating Exciting And Unusual Visual Hierarchies (@smashingmag)


A Cat-Hater’s Handbook http://depot.ly/i3nC1  Irreverent Vintage Gem Illustrated by Tomi Ungerer


From online to offline: http://Moo.com  store http://depot.ly/i3mw1


Time-spending habits http://depot.ly/i3m0J  Americans Lose Nearly a Full Day per Year Waiting for Web Pages to Load


Google Glass could kill smartphones http://depot.ly/i3lQR


Charming editorial illustration by Emily Robertson http://depot.ly/i1NPT


What Oscar Ignored http://depot.ly/i1BW5  The Year’s 4 Best Online Shorts

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