IM-Creator: Build Awesome HTML5 Sites for Free

Cameron Chapman By Cameron Chapman  |  Apr. 18, 2013

A few years ago, it was tough to create a professional-looking website without designing and coding something from scratch. There were free templates and website builders, sure, but the results from most were less than professional. Not exactly how you want to represent yourself or your work to the world.

That’s all changed in more recent years. Now, if you need a simple site for yourself or your work, there are a ton of options available to you. And one of the best options I’ve seen is IM-Creator.

Why is IM-Creator so good? Well, there are a few reasons. First of all, it’s free. And who doesn’t love free?

Second of all, the templates offered by IM-Creator are excellent. They’re modern, stylish, and professional. A lot of website creators play it very safe with their templates, but IM-Creator isn’t afraid to take some risks. Their templates are not only well-designed, but they’re also modern and unique.

There are templates for artists, fashion and beauty, musicians, hotels, architects, personal sites, general business, web designers, restaurant, photography, portfolios, real estate, and much more. There are 100s of designer-made templates, all of which are incredibly flexible and can be customized.

Here are just a few examples of the templates you can choose from:



fields bio



simple artist



pablo c



kalo cafe


Visual Grid Photography

visual grid







IM-Creator is the first website creator built with HTML5. Templates are customized with a drag-and-drop editor, with no programming required. Of course, if you’d rather not use a template, you can build a site completely from scratch.

Getting started is easy. Just choose a design (or start from scratch). There are new templates being published every month. The templates are provided in an “almost-done” state, so you can have your new site up and running quickly.

Next, just customize your site. Insert text, pictures, videos, and whatever other content you might want. Just click on the element you want to edit and you’ll get a contextual menu showing your options. Your content is automatically adapted to the existing design, so it’s hassle-free.

Once all of your customizations have been done, you can publish it to a new or existing domain. And IM-Creator makes it easy to update, maintain, and promote your site once it’s live.

The free I-M account gives you a free subdomain and 50Mb of hosting. You get access to all of their templates, of course. Premium accounts start at just $5.95/month (if you sign up for 3 years) and let you have your own domain name, unlimited hosting, and a customized email account. There are also Pro accounts for professional web designers and resellers that include all of the Premium features but work with multiple domains.

As a web designer, IM-Creator makes it easy for your to provide better solutions for your clients. You can design basic sites quickly and easily, and then give your clients the tools to manage and update their sites themselves. Designers can also submit their designs to the IM-Creator catalog, and get paid each time their designs are used.

Need a mobile site? IM-Creator has a new mobile site creator, IXM, that makes it simple to get started. Their mobile templates are just as great as their desktop templates, with designs that are modern and professional. These are designs you’re not going to see anywhere else, and are a huge upgrade from all of the boring, bland mobile sites out there.

ixm creator

IXM makes it easy to check out these templates on your mobile device before you get started. Just scan the QR code for the design with your mobile phone and get an instant, functional preview.

Want to see sites actually created with IM-Creator? Check out their “Featured” section for a great selection. The gallery is updated on a monthly basis, so there’s always new stuff to check out.

Here are some of their recent additions to the Featured section:


Chikin and Fish

chikin and fish


Polly Pearce

polly pearce


To Have and To Hire

to have and to hire


Irfan Cheema Photography

irfan cheema


Jim Kamoosi

jim kamoosi


Christina Jimin Lee

christina jimin lee


Music Three Sixty



Rossi and Blake

rossi and blake





Marina di Nisida

marina di nisida

IM-Creator is among the best website creators on the market right now, and definitely worth checking out for your next project, whether it’s a personal site or for a client.

Have you tried IM-Creator? Do you plan to?

[Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored review, the opinions expressed in the article are the author’s only.]