40+ free PSDs and actions for mock-ups

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May 13, 2013
40+ free PSDs and actions for mock-ups.



It’s all about presentation. Ideas and concepts are great, but mean nothing if they cannot be properly communicated. To help others understand them, we may create prototypes or sketch out an idea to get to a meeting of the minds. Fortunately, in graphic design, we do that by creating mock-ups.<\/p>\r\n

Most times when we create designs, it’s tempting to send a flat graphic, as is, to our client or out to our intended audience. It can work, but it’s much more effective when we have a way for people to actually visualize a design in its intended environment. It’s easier to understand a mobile app when it’s being presented on an actual mobile phone, rather than just a standard graphic in a simple size.<\/p>\r\n

It’s best to have some photo-realistic mock-ups, but if you have vectors, that will work as well. Today, we’ve put together a bunch of PSD’s and actions for great, professional mock-ups. It includes anything from corporate branding to shirts and more. We hope you find something useful and great to use for your next project.<\/p>\r\n

Interactive design<\/h1>\r\n

MacBook Air\u00a0<\/h2>\r\n

Perhaps you want to show off a web design, application design or even just a desktop background. Whatever it may be, this is a great mock-up that’s fully scalable and can fit any project.<\/p>\r\n



Blackberry z10 PSD mock-up<\/h2>\r\n

You’ll find a ton of iPhone mock-ups all over the Internet. However, this new Blackberry Z10 doesn’t get nearly as much love as the iPhone. Fortunately, we’ve found this mock-up to help you show off your app designs and such.<\/p>\r\n

Kendra Gaines

Kendra Gaines is a freelance designer from Virginia, USA. Connect with her.

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