Win 10 Licenses of the Jumpeye Framework

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Jun. 03, 2013

Today we have a neat giveaway from our friends at Jumpeye which will come in handy for all developers.

The Jumpeye framework is a responsive design framework that helps users build websites that look perfect on desktop, tablets and smartphones. By using the included fluid grid system, UI elements and components along with the recently added responsive website templates users will be able to build stylish responsive websites much easier and much faster.

Today’s your chance to win 1 of 10 commercial licenses of their superb framework. Each license is available for 100 domains and is worth $99/license.

Read on for more details on the Jumpeye framework as well as details on how to enter…

Here’s more information about the Jumpeye framework…



1. Fluid grid system

The core of the framework is the CSS grid system. Before users start designing their website, they can easily create a grid structure by using the online grid editor on the page of the product.



2. Responsive stylish UI elements

Jumpeye framework comes with a huge set of stylish UI elements: drop down menus, buttons, panels, tabs, tooltips, alerts, forms, tables and typography. Each type of UI element has several ready­made skins and they are highly customizable, so it will be easy to select the most appropriate design for any user’s site



3. Responsive JavaScript components

Two jQuery­ based responsive components are included in the framework: a photo gallery and an image & content slider. By using these components users can easily create image and content sliders, photo galleries, slideshows or portfolios inside their responsive websites built with the framework’s grid. 



The slider component supports image and HTML content in order to create website headers, tours and presentations, image sliders, banner rotators or any other type of slider. 


Jumpeye framework was recently updated with two responsive templates. These templates were created using the elements and components of the framework and users can use them for commercial purposes by only changing the media content (text and images). 


Empower:­ Responsive personal/small business website template



Glimpses:­ Responsive photography website template



How to enter:

  • Leave a comment below about what you like most about the framework (e.g. image slider component, drop down menus, the included templates)
  • Generic comments won’t be eligible
  • Enter your comment using your email address (not Twitter/Facebook, etc)

 By entering, you get a chance to win 1 of 10 commercial licenses available of the superb Jumpeye framework. Each license is available for 100 domains and is worth $99/license. Results will be announced here on WDD on June 14th, 2013. All winners will also be contacted by email. Good luck to everyone! 

[UPDATE] The contest has ended and the winners will be contacted by email to retrieve their prizes. Congratulations to the winners:

#6 – Michael S.
#17 – Pixellingo
#22 – Kathryn
#33 – Andy G
#41 – Volker
#45 – Motty
#51 – Horea
#52 – Gerben
#88 – Max
#100 – Arturo M.