12 Signs That You’Re a Trendy Designer

Sam Jones By Sam Jones  |  Jul. 29, 2013

As designers part of our job is keeping up to date with what’s happening in the industry, one aspect of which involves keeping an eye on the latest trends. Although it should be noted that ‘keeping an eye on’ and ‘being part of’ are two very different things.

The popularity of things like Dribbble rebounds just goes to show how inspirational we all find other people’s work. But there’s inspiration, and then there’s derivation.

Have you flirted a little too closely with trends? Here’s 12 signs that you’re a trendy designer:


1. You made a spoof of the ‘Keep Calm’ poster

Keep Calm and Carry On


2. Your go-to font is Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova


3. On Dribbble, you post angled photographs of your user interface designs rather than screenshots

Angled photographs


4. You recently started adding long shadows to everything

Long shadows


5. You’ve written a blog post about flat design

Flat design


6. You’ve made your own series of minimal movie posters

Minimal movie posters


7. Your personal logo features interlocking letters…

Interlocking letters


8. …or a crossed “X”.

Crossed X


9. You’ve released your own icon set

Icon set


10. You’ve designed your own to-do app…



11. …or your own weather app

Weather app


12. You’ve ‘redesigned’ iOS7



How many of these are you guilty of? Are there any other trends that are being abused? Let us know in the comments.