Our Favorite Tweets of the Week: October 7, 2013 – October 13, 2013

Cameron Chapman By Cameron Chapman  |  Oct. 13, 2013

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Chart: Curse Your Enemies In Style With These Classy Shakespearean Insults http://depot.ly/pIWmV


Take a look at these 6 mobile myths http://depot.ly/pJ7Dw


A quick guide to Sans-Serif Fonts http://depot.ly/pJ6fS


Can you tell modern art from children’s drawings? You can find out by taking this fun quiz: http://depot.ly/pITrG


Sketching on paper shouldn’t be underestimated. It can take your designs to the next level — try it! http://depot.ly/pG3Lx  via @smashingmag


Insteresting article by @SachaGreif: Why Dribbble Isn’t That Horibbble http://depot.ly/pG3w9


 Nice tips: How to paginate WordPress like Dribbble http://depot.ly/pDJPd


2.9 Million Adobe Customers Hit in Major Data Breach http://depot.ly/pDJwO  /@mashable


Check out Mozilla Appmaker http://depot.ly/pDJkC


Amazon Launches Appstore Developer Select – A New Program for Developers http://depot.ly/pDHN3


Good read! RT @smashingmag: Lightening Your Responsive Website Design With RESS http://depot.ly/pDHrE


Is UX Your Achille? http://depot.ly/pDGEu  via @uxmag


Yes, says @drewbrolik, responsive web design is hard. Deal with it! http://depot.ly/pBqUS  via @netmag


5 Effective Ways for Freelance Web Designers to Manage Information Overload http://designm.ag/freelance/info-overload/ *Good read


The Power of Side Projects: small projects that have changed the world http://depot.ly/pBqEu


Targeted at clients: Why you don’t want to use JPEG for your logo http://nojpeg.org


Let’s take a peek inside the office where Vogue, Mashable, Daily Beast, and The Verge were designed http://depot.ly/pznZC


Signs that you’re a bad programmer http://depot.ly/pznvv


How Much Has The Web Really Changed? http://depot.ly/pzmjO  *Good read via @smashingmag


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