Our Favorite Tweets of the Week: June 23, 2014 – June 29, 2014

Cameron Chapman By Cameron Chapman  |  Jun. 29, 2014

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Photoshop experiment: 1 photograph, 27 countries, 27 definitions of ‘beautiful’


YouTube Is Finally Getting 60 FPS Support


Google’s Material Design via


Why the Best Designers Don’t Specialize in Any One Thing via


The billionaire GoPro founder knew his startup would make it when two boys yelled at him on the beach


Google begins scrubbing search results in Europe


Google I/O: the 8 biggest announcements that impact developers via


Weird song lyrics humorously illustrated with these GIFs


Photographer captures beautiful images of lonely buildings in the desert


How to Start a Web Design Project [Infographic]


Good tips from : How To Speed Up Your Website


Funny: If Programming Languages Were Superheros


Cool: 27 awesomely creative motorcycle helmet designs


Excellent Career Advice From LinkedIn’s Billionaire Founder Reid Hoffman


Awesome vintage-like travel posters for The National Parks Of America


How I tricked TechCrunch into writing about my startup


Picasso on intuition, how creativity works, and where ideas come from /


Nice video about the Silkscreen Process via


Jonathan Ive on Apple’s Design Process and Product Philosophy


Helmut Schmid’s wonderful via


The Curious History Of The World Cup Soccer Ball


The Surprisingly Short History Of The Plus Sign via


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