The Best of DesignFaves.Com, June 2014

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Jun. 27, 2014

For designers passionate about the latest developments across the full spectrum of visual design, there’s a new site that features some of the most exciting, innovative and inspiring design projects taking place today. Every day our sister-site,, trawls the web seeking out the projects with the most buzz surrounding them and delivers a compact, visual summary right to your inbox.

Focused on all fields of design, you’ll find graphic design, art, architecture, furniture design, fashion, branding, photography, and everything else that’s visual and engaging.

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Every month we’ll be bringing you a summary of the best the site has to offer, here are our favorite projects from June:


Action-filled FIFA World Cup posters give each team a nickname and personality



10 bitter objects tell us how they really feel. These will make your day



Confused between digital life and reality? This project transforms pixels into 3-D sculptures



Disturbing faces manipulated into emoticons raise awareness of online predators



FIFA World Cup is imagined as famous films in these 9 satirical movie posters



13 retrotastic ad posters for official Daft Punk merchandise



Striking close-up images show the beauty in 12 animal’s eyeballs



10,000 photos of a nude figure were combined to make this single image. Beautiful!



Incredible photos show wildflowers blooming in the deserts of the American West



A tiny man explores a surreal world with magical properties



3 FIFA superstars painted using soccer balls



The “Facekini” fashion fad is real. And super strange



How to make a cross-bow using basic office supplies. It’s actually pretty powerful!



18 enchanting posters of classic Disney movies illustrated by contemporary artists



Beautiful fiber optic dress creates fantastic light paintings in the dark