Deal of the week: 9 classic, vintage, retro, grunge fonts

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October 30, 2014
Deal of the week: 9 classic, vintage, retro, grunge fonts.
thumbnailWhen it comes to your web design toolkit, you can never have too many fonts. Typefaces are key to creating the right feel for a client, and if you want to get the right font for a brand, you need plenty of options. So we’re delighted that our sister-site,, has arranged a deal on this awesome bundle of retro typefaces from Cruzine. The bundle includes 9 retro fonts families:

Just Be Cool

Just Be Cool is a beautifully executed handwritten typeface. It’s perfect any time you want to cash in on the lettering trend. Just Be Cool is ideal for book covers, lifestyle products, personal websites, and countless other applications. justbecool


Grazioso is a dynamic all-caps face. It’s an unusual take on the spirit of the 1920s and 30s and it’s packed with confidence and aspiration. grazioso

Brooklyn Coffee

Brooklyn Coffee is a handwritten font inspired by the American wood type of years gone by. As the name indicates, if you’re designing for a coffee shop, you couldn’t pick a better font. brooklyn


Bluegrass is a classic grunge face. Perfect for painting on the side of a barn, it’s a feel-good font that evokes roadhouses and craft beer. bluegrass


Momento is a beautifully decorative face, with scrolls and swirls inspired by eastern scripts from Thailand to India. memento


Melody is a wonderful 1950s style sci-fi face. It’s ideal for any time you want to evoke mid-twentieth century americana. melody


Rocknroll is a confident, all-caps, brush script. As the name suggests, it’s perfect for musicians, but would work equally well for fashion labels, or sports companies. rocknroll


Nevermind is a template-style, slab-serif font with grunge effects. nevermind

Bronx Shoes

Bronx Shoes is a handwritten grunge font. It’s a flexible option for a neutral vintage look. Weather-beaten, it has a friendly honest feel. bronx The recommended retail price for this bundle is $108, but for a limited time you can grab the desktop versions for just $19 and the desktop and web versions for just $24. That’s a 78% saving! Head over to MightyDeals to grab this font bundle today.

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