Free Download: 30 Responsive Icons by Icons8

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  May. 14, 2015

We all love icons, they communicate more than words, in much less space. And they’re even better when they’re free. However, most icons are still limited by a one size fits all mentality: the same icon is displayed no matter what capabilities the device viewing your site has.

This incredible set of icons is different. Designed by icons8, they’re entirely responsive, changing their level of detail when scaled. Scale them down and lines become bolder and shapes simpler for maximum legibility. Scale them up and extra detail is added, for a sophisticated high-gloss look.

Each of these amazing vector icons is encapsulated in a single SVG file, with all of the CSS to control them packed in there too. That means just one http request per icon, and browser support stretching all the way back to IE9. The download includes all SVG and PDF formats, as well as the sample code to make the icons responsive.

If you like these 30 free responsive icons, you’ll be delighted to learn that there are another 20 available to download for free from icons8.

Drag the sliders below to see the icons adapt their shape, then download all thirty icons below the preview:


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