Elegant Themes Introduce a New Workflow with Divi 2.5

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Sep. 02, 2015

Divi 2.5 is the latest release from Elegant Themes. The Divi theme is designed to create beautiful WordPress websites with no need to understand code at all.

Regular updates from the Elegant Themes team have made Divi one of the most popular WordPress builders on the market; Divi powers thousands of business sites globally, with over 290,000 WordPress users signing up as Elegant Themes members.

Since we last reported on Divi version 2.4 back in June, the Elegant Themes team have been hard at work, refining and restructuring Divi’s workflow so that Divi 2.5 is the most usable version of this terrific WordPress Theme builder ever.


What’s new?

The focus of Divi 2.5 is firmly on helping you work smarter. Workflow has been examined and optimized to make sure that Divi Themes don’t just look great, but are a snap to build.

Probably the most useful new feature in Divi 2.5 Builder is the ability to access options with a right-click. This is a huge timesaver when working with Divi; it means that for actions like locking, or copying and pasting, you can save real time by right-clicking instead of having to access a control panel. If you’re not a fan of right-clicking hotkey commands are included too.


Divi 2.5 also features an exciting new Role Editor for working with clients. Allowing your clients to access their sites as they’re being built, without giving them the option to make changes to your design work themselves — that’s a few headaches solved!


As well as the new features, Divi 2.5 includes a slew of bug fixes and community requests.


Divi Builder 2.5

Divi Builder is at the core of everything that Divi does. It’s a drag-n-drop interface sat between you and the trickier parts of WordPress. It empowers users to design and build the kind of sites that you want to build.

Divi Builder uses Divi Modules to rapidly generate site designs, exactly how you want them. Divi Modules feature advanced settings that map to CSS controls, meaning that anything you can build in HTML and CSS, you can build with Divi 2.5.

Divi Builder 2.5 is the final version of the Divi Builder Framework. This is the framework all of Elegant Themes’ themes will be built with from now on, so the experience of switching between different themes will be seamless in future.



Live Preview

Divi 2.5’s Live Preview feature is another great addition; allowing you to preview changes directly in Divi Builder. This streamlined workflow significantly reduces the amount of time taken to build and modify designs: when you’re ready to save your changes, it only takes one click.

Live Preview is integrated with Divi 2.5’s new undo feature, so you can work with Divi 2.5 almost as you would a graphics editor.



Divi Library

The Divi Theme includes the Divi Library, which is a place to collect your templates, and most successful designs. You can save elements of your designs here, and reuse them later, even on other projects.


Fully Responsive

As you’d expect for a modern WordPress theme, Divi 2.5 is fully responsive. Its grid, that was entirely recoded in version 2.4 is entirely fluid. Meaning that Divi 2.5 sites look amazing no matter what device you use to view them.


How to get Divi 2.5

To get Divi 2.5 for yourself, simply sign up for Elegant Themes membership; not only will you get access to Divi 2.5, but you’ll also get access to the whole of Elegant Theme’s collection of 87 WordPress themes!


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