GoDaddy Announces Major Enhancements to its Pro Program

Ben Moss By Ben Moss  |  Sep. 15, 2015

Launched in May this year, GoDaddy’s Pro Program is a service for web designers and developers, enabling them to easily manage client projects within GoDaddy’s ecosystem.

Built from the ground up for small web agencies and freelancers, the service is centered on a dedicated dashboard that allows you to manage all of your clients’ sites in a single location.

Today, after huge uptake of the initial service, GoDaddy have announced a number of enhancements and upgrades. In a little over three months since GoDaddy Pro was launched it has grown to over 50,000 professional users. Focussing on a short-term user feedback process, GoDaddy is rapidly iterating in an attempt to deliver the perfect client management service for its clients.

Already the world’s largest tech-service provider for small businesses, GoDaddy’s Pro Program is an attempt to match the growing expectations of web professionals who have more choice of free tools than ever before.

The integrated approach — essentially upselling hosting — is part of a wider trend within the industry to offer supplementary tools, with added value to customers. Companies from Squarespace to Shopify offer “business management” tools ranging from invoicing clients directly, to automatic backups.

Core features of GoDaddy’s offering include password-less access to client accounts, shared shopping carts, and realtime sales monitoring; all designed to reduce friction when handling multiple clients.

The GoDaddy Pro Program is focused on saving web designers and developers time…to help them look great in front of their clients and have more time to do what they love and are paid to do – build fantastic websites.

— Jeff King, senior vice president and general manager of hosting at GoDaddy

As of today, program members can assign GoDaddy products to clients from within their dashboard, as well as keep an eye on the associated costs. If you need to makes memos, or to-do lists for accounts, you can use the new notes feature. Google PageSpeed has also been integrated to help teams assess the performance of sites, and review possible improvements.

This kind of “one-stop shop” approach is likely to continue in the next few years as companies seek to distinguish themselves from increasing competition. Perhaps we’ll even start to talk about web management suites, in the same way that we talk about design suites.

GoDaddy’s Pro Program certainly doesn’t offer anything revolutionary. But for existing GoDaddy customers, who host client sites with the company, it is likely to be a significant time-saver.