Popular Design News of the Week: January 4, 2016 – January 10, 2016

Cameron Chapman By Cameron Chapman  |  Jan. 10, 2016

Every week users submit a lot of interesting stuff on our sister site Webdesigner News, highlighting great content from around the web that can be of interest to web designers. 

The best way to keep track of all the great stories and news being posted is simply to check out the Webdesigner News site, however, in case you missed some here’s a quick and useful compilation of the most popular designer news that we curated from the past week.

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10 Hottest Design Tools You Must Try in 2016


Google is Afraid of Something Facebook is Doing


A Simple Method for Developing your Design Skills


What to Expect from Web Design in 2016


50+ Inspiring Side Projects to Follow in 2016


Fresh Resources for Web Developers – January 2016


My Response to the Ketchup Bottle UX Vs UI Meme


Dummy Text – Lorem Ipsum 2.0, Better Way to Add Placeholder Text


JQuery Cards – A Hand Selecterepository of Over 1000 Quality JQuery Plugins


The Complete Guide for How to Marry Text and Images in your Designs


Google Founder Larry Page’s Top 6 Tips for Making your Dreams Come True


100 Days of Swift


7 Ways to Design a Killer ‘First Screen’ for your Website


Swiss in CSS


Web Developers Rejoice; Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 Die on Tuesday


Website Design: Design a Wig


The Most Important Design Jobs of the Future


Automattic Hires Employees Without Meeting Them or Talking to Them on the Phone


CloudMagic for Mac Available Now


Site Design: LETTERS, INC


Kodak and Yves Béhar Team up to Revive the Legendary Super 8 Camera


15 Typographers Introduce us to their Favorite Letterforms


Increase your Creative Output with 14 Time Management Tips Just for Creatives


Site Design: TEDx West Vancouver ED


Transactional Emails, More than Just the Push Notification of the Web


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