Popular Design News of the Week: August 29, 2016 – September 4, 2016

Cameron Chapman By Cameron Chapman  |  Sep. 04, 2016

I Quit Freelancing


This Could Be Mozilla’s Next Logo


Prismic.io: CMS Backend for your Websites


5 Design Jobs that won’t Exist in the Future


CSS3 Spinners


Adopt New Tech Before Everyone Else


The 5 Best Apps for Freelance Designers


Site Design: Wherecardsfall.com


Material Design Compatible Curated Color Palettes


CSS Positioning Explained by an Ice Cream Sundae


How to Create Trust with UX Design


Think Less. Design Better.


9 Psychological Insights I Use When Designing a Pricing Page


Checkout Pages – Curated Directory of the Best Checkout Pages


Hud – A Beautiful Way to Manage your UI Patterns


Hot not to Design a Jobs Page


How AI and Machine Learning Work at Apple


PechaKucha: The Art of Concise Presentations


Buffer Social Media Resource Kit


Forget Software; Now Hackers are Exploiting Physics


Design Principles FTW


Concept Inbox – Track Changes and Prototype Together with your Team


Write Better Emails Using A.I.


Timely: Automatic Time Tracking for Freelancers


Dyslexic Designers Just Think Different-Maybe even Better


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