Popular design news of the week: August 29, 2016 — September 42016

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September 04, 2016
Popular design news of the week: August 29, 2016 - September 4, 2016.

I Quit Freelancing

This Could Be Mozilla’s Next Logo

Prismic​.io: CMS Backend for your Websites

5 Design Jobs that won’t Exist in the Future

CSS3 Spinners

Adopt New Tech Before Everyone Else

The 5 Best Apps for Freelance Designers

Site Design: Wherecardsfall​.com

Material Design Compatible Curated Color Palettes

CSS Positioning Explained by an Ice Cream Sundae

How to Create Trust with UX Design

Think Less. Design Better.

9 Psychological Insights I Use When Designing a Pricing Page

Checkout Pages — Curated Directory of the Best Checkout Pages

Hud — A Beautiful Way to Manage your UI Patterns

Hot not to Design a Jobs Page

How AI and Machine Learning Work at Apple

PechaKucha: The Art of Concise Presentations

Buffer Social Media Resource Kit

Forget Software; Now Hackers are Exploiting Physics

Design Principles FTW

Concept Inbox — Track Changes and Prototype Together with your Team

Write Better Emails Using A.I.

Timely: Automatic Time Tracking for Freelancers

Dyslexic Designers Just Think Different-Maybe even Better

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Cameron Chapman

Cameron Chapman is a freelance writer and designer from New England. You can visit her site or follow her on Twitter.

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