Free Download: PitchPRO Presentation Template with 50 Fully Editable Slides

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  May. 19, 2017
Want to blow your clients or peers away at the next team meeting? You’ve got the information, so make sure you deliver it in the most eye-opening manner with his presentation template from Slidehack! PitchPRO features 50 unique fully editable slides and is available for both PPT and Keynote versions:
PitchPRO.001 PitchPRO.002 PitchPRO.003 PitchPRO.004 PitchPRO.005 PitchPRO.006 PitchPRO.007 PitchPRO.008 PitchPRO.009PitchPRO.011 PitchPRO.012 PitchPRO.013 PitchPRO.014 PitchPRO.015  PitchPRO.017 PitchPRO.018 PitchPRO.019 PitchPRO.020PitchPRO.022 PitchPRO.024 PitchPRO.026 PitchPRO.027 PitchPRO.028 PitchPRO.029 PitchPRO.030 PitchPRO.032 PitchPRO.033 PitchPRO.034 PitchPRO.035 PitchPRO.036 PitchPRO.037 PitchPRO.038 PitchPRO.039 PitchPRO.040 PitchPRO.041 PitchPRO.042 PitchPRO.044 PitchPRO.045 PitchPRO.046 PitchPRO.047 PitchPRO.049

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