Free Download: Sant’Elia Script

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Jun. 06, 2017

Sant’Elia Script from Yellow Design Studio is a robust, modern type font family that’s sure to energize your latest designs. It’s also packed with features ranging from swashes to ligatures to stylistic alternates. This modern type family offers a crisp and welcoming feel with a real splash of verve to add to its already incredible appeal. Rough weights include three different distress levels that can be mixed for added control and customization. Try Sant’Elia Rough Line, Line Two, Line Three, Bold, and Rough Alt Bold Three for free!

SantEliaSlide700_1 SantEliaSlide700_12 SantEliaSlide700_11 SantEliaSlide700_10 SantEliaSlide700_9 SantEliaSlide700_8 SantEliaSlide700_7 SantEliaSlide700_6 SantEliaSlide700_5 SantEliaSlide700_4 SantEliaSlide700_3 SantEliaSlide700_2

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