Free Download: 2000 Sketch Gradients

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Jul. 18, 2017

Remember art class when you were a kid? There was finger painting, sketching, coloring, you name it. Red. Blue. Green. Yellow. Orange. The whole color wheel was a ton of fun. But apparently somehow over the years, someone invented umpteen million more colors. And then, they invented the gradient, which blends two or more colors together for a neat artistic look.

Sketch loves to use gradients. And gradients can turn a nice website into an awesome website simply by giving the background a little pop. And with this pack from Cerpow, you’ll certainly have your pick of the colorful litter!

How to use:
1. Select a gradient
2. Select Gradient Fill in the Right Panel
3. Add Gradient to General/Document Gradients
4. Use on any shape!

Note: Please use latest Sketch Beta to open the file.


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