35+ Crowd-Fund Campaigns for Designers This Black Friday

Charlie Furphy By Charlie Furphy  |  Nov. 24, 2017

If huge discounts at the mall aren’t enough to drag you away from the turkey leftovers, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you: We’ve put together the 35+ best crowd-funding projects that are live right now, so you can spend your hard-earned green with the least effort possible.

Crowd-funding sites are packed with tempting offers, from must-have gadgets, to community projects you’ll be proud to back. Take a look at some of the best projects that are funding now, and need your support.


Pens & Pencils

If there’s one thing crowd-funding sites do well, it’s writing instruments.

Pen Comet

Pen Comet is a stunningly minimal pen that uses magnets to attach its cap. Available in silver, gold, or space gray, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a desk littered with Apple products.



Woopen is a wooden pen that doubles as an anti-stress device thanks to its unique shape. It takes standard refills, and comes with a nice case. With weeks to go it’s 20% funded already.



Redefining how we use pencils, pencil+ is a sharpener, extender, and transporter. It lets you use your pencils right down to the nub. With over a month to go it’s fully funded already.


TTi-108 Titanium Pencil

Claiming to be the best made titanium pencil in the world, it certainly looks the part. Don’t be fooled by the prices listed in Hong Kong Dollars, rewards start around $150.


Ti Arto EDC

A solid titanium pen that takes any kind of refill without the upsetting wobble. With a month to go it’s reached its funding goal twenty times over!




Crowd-funding isn’t just about buying crazy gadgets, it’s also about helping out other people and making the world a better place.

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole is the senior show for a group of design students from California State University, Long Beach. Everyone deserves a senior show, it’s a great cause with some cool swag.


Hello World: The Film

Hello World: The Film is a documentary exploring the world of code, what it powers, and the coders who write it. If you’ve got $5000 to spare, you can even get yourself in the credits.


Bay View Printing Co

This letterpress print shop wants to become a creative hub for Milwaukee, by opening up their studio to the local community. Back them and grab some letterpress swag.


U&I PCA Graphic Design Final Show

Another senior class hoping to crowd-fund their final show, this time at the D&AD New Blood Festival. This one’s fully funded but the personalized rap song reward is still up for grabs.


Home Computer Museum

Bart van den Akker is setting up a home computer museum in the heart of Europe. The ambitious project is the perfect opportunity for a tech giant looking to hand out sponsorship.




The mainstay of crowd-funding sites are innovative tech gadgets. Here’s our pick of the best projects to back right now.


Migo’s a portable, internet-enabled, industrial quality 3D printer. A great entry level device for introducing yourself to the world of 3D printing, they’re just reached 100% funding.



Bolt’s a fully integrated internet of things platform, with built-in machine learning. Their previous crowd-fund missed its goal, this time they’ve passed 300% funding, good job!



Kappa is a 3D printer developed at the University of Singapore. Successfully funded over on Kickstarter, it’s now available on Indiegogo on demand.



A personal, immersive, 4K cinema experience, Cinego looks like a VR headset, but is really a high-quality 2D screen. They’re running a limited time 50% discount for Black Friday.




If you’re a fan of typography, you’ll find lots of projects to back on crowd-fund sites.

Vaughan Oliver Archive

A legendary album designer for bands including The Pixies, The Breeders, and more. This project wants to collect Vaughan Oliver’s work into book form.


Web Typography

Richard Rutter’s guide to web typography is critically acclaimed already. The project is fully funded and past deadline, but you can still order the book.


Garamond Corpvs

A great gift for anyone who loves typography, these detailed posters take the idea of the anatomy of letters a step further, by illustrating the skeletal structure of type.


Martin Luther Handwriting Font

This project aims to create a script font based on the 500-year-old letters of Martin Luther, of reformation fame. Contribute to this project and get the licensed font when it’s ready.


W. A. Dwiggins: A Life in Design

The biography of W. A. Dwiggins, one of the 20th centuries most important designers. Fully funded on Kickstarter you can grab the perks for the standard edition on Indiegogo.


Vignelli: From A to Z

Based on 10 years of lectures at Harvard design school, this popular design book has been unavailable for years. This project is working to reissue it.



Learn to Code

Do you want to learn to code, or would you like to help kids learn? Either way there’s a ton of options.


MatataLab is a coding toy for kids aged 4–9 that lets them program a robot, create music, and make art. This one has already passed 100% funding with almost a month still to go.


Code Cards

A fun social way to learn to code, Code Cards are basically a gamified version of the flash cards you used in school. Choose from HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Ruby decks.


Erase All Kittens

Erase All Kittens is an epic adventure game that teaches kids, especially girls, how to code. A third of the way to its target, pledge before 21st December and gift membership to kids you know.


Learn Bootstrap 4 By Building Real World Projects

A comprehensive course designed by expert tutors to get you up to speed with Bootstrap 4 fast. This one only has 48 hours to go, so if you want to back it, act quickly.



DevKit is an iOS application that helps students build apps without the need to learn to code at all. Pledge just $10 and you’ll get a year’s subscription.



Pip is a Raspberry Pi powered device that lets your kids tinker with code, starting with a simple drag and drop approach and building up to full code.




Crowd-fund sites are stocked with hundreds of designer accessories. Here are some we’d love to see on our desks.

Halo Wireless Phone Charger

Using wireless charging technology to keep your cellphone running, this is a great looking device that would grace any desk. With 20 days to go, they’re halfway to their target.


The Minimalist Notebook

If you’re tired of Moleskines, why not grab an architect-designed pure white notepad edged in natural copper. They’ve got a month to find 95% funding for this beauty.


Mara Pen

Mara Pen is a new breed of motion controller, perfect for design pitches, or conference talks. Fully funded back in February it has since raised 939% of its target. You can still grab the perks.


Ingo Stylus

Ingo Stylus is a compact stylus that extends to full size telescopically. It’s fully analogue so you don’t need to worry about charging, syncing, or device compatibility.




Photography is one of the world’s most popular hobbies, so it’s no surprise that budding entrepreneurs are pitching to that market.

Prynt for Android

Prynt turns your Android device into an instant camera, just like a Polaroid. It’s the best thing to happen to mobile photography since Instagram.


Reflex Analog Camera

Resurrecting the 35mm analog film format is Reflex, the first newly designed SLR camera in a quarter of a century. The body uses a standard lens format, and there are no megapixels to care about.


Fishball for iPhone

Fishball claims to be the world’s first 360 degree smart phone lens. Simply clip it directly to your iPhone and start recording video and images that are perfect for VR.



Capsule’s a safe place to store digital photos without uploading them to the cloud. Its built-in AI will help you sort your collection as well, so all you have to do is shoot from your devices.




If you want to boost your creativity, the best thing you can do is de-stress, and get a good night’s sleep.


Quite possibly one of the weirdest products you’ll ever see crowd-funded, Qoobo is a pillow with a tail. The tail wags when you cuddle it. Perfect if your landlord won’t let you keep pets.



Circa is a standalone smart alarm that aims to help you get a restful night’s sleep by keeping your smartphone out of the bedroom. Great for anyone who can’t turn off Facebook.



Somnox is a sleep robot that helps you get a better night’s sleep with breathing regulation, sounds, and affection. Can’t afford the robot? They have socks too.



SmartphoneBOX is a rubber dock for smartphones that does nothing except take your phone out of your hand. If you struggle to disconnect, this might work for you.