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WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Nov. 24, 2017

Studio Gothic is a geometric sans typeface designed by Andrea Tartarelli of Zetafonts with Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Francesco Canovaro. It takes inspiration from the ideas used by Alessandro Butti for his historical typeface Semplicità created in the thirties at the Studio Artistico of Fonderia Caratteri Nebiolo in Turin. In his design Butti reintepreted the modernist proportions of Futura while adding many original touches, creating a typeface that had success in the thirties and forties.

More a reinvention than a revival, Studio Gothic keeps the minimal and bare design logic of the original typeface (Semplcità in italian meaning simplicity) while proposing many original takes on letter shapes and proportions, with the aim to create a typeface that looks classic but unexpected, slightly modernist but still contemporary and fresh. These principles have been used also in the design of the companion italics, featuring slight calligraphic elements and making the italic weights suitable for display and logo usage. These same elements have been incorporated in the Studio Gothic Alternate family, giving you additional options to experiment with letter shapes and moods.

Download the free version below. Free for personal use! You can get the PRO version now with a 25% off discount using the code SIMPLICITY. This code is valid until 2018-01-31.

Studio-Gothic-1 Studio-Gothic-2 Studio-Gothic-3 Studio-Gothic-4 Studio-Gothic-5 Studio-Gothic-6 Studio-Gothic-7 Studio-Gothic-8

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