Popular Design News of the Week: September 17, 2018 – September 23, 2018

Cameron Chapman By Cameron Chapman  |  Sep. 23, 2018

Every week users submit a lot of interesting stuff on our sister site Webdesigner News, highlighting great content from around the web that can be of interest to web designers. 

The best way to keep track of all the great stories and news being posted is simply to check out the Webdesigner News site, however, in case you missed some here’s a quick and useful compilation of the most popular designer news that we curated from the past week.

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Grapedrop – Free, Responsive, Web Page Builder for your Next Project


Sketch 52 Beta with New UI and Darkmode


Simple Analytics – Simple, Clean, and Privacy-friendly Analytics


Funding Choices – Google’s New Tool for GDPR Compliance and Content Monetization


Mailplane 4 – The Best Way to Use Gmail on your Mac


Mind-Blowing Artwork from the Anime Classic Akira


What not to Call your Web Design Company


The Rise and Demise of RSS


How Headspace Rebranded Meditation


Ever Wonder Why the Most Popular Apps are Starting to Look the Same?


Designers Need to Keep Old People in Mind


Parody Site: Hello We are Agency (Tip – Refresh the Page for New Designs)


Xara Cloud – The Simplest Design Tool for Business Documents


Vapid: An Intentionally Simple CMS


Why Good Design Principles Can Create Better Designs


This AI Dreams in Tulips


Turn Off Push Notifications


Decide Better with a Decision Matrix


How to Slack Smarter? – A UX Case Study


Facebook is Letting Job Advertisers Target Only Men


New Logos and Identities for John Lewis Partnership by Pentagram


How Catchy Interface Illustrations Can Enhance UI Design


Super Simple Grids Using CSS Grid


Framer X is Here


Uber Design by Ueno. A Case Study.


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