Free Download: Biasachxua Font

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Jan. 30, 2019

Biasachxua (“Bìa sách xưa” in Vietnamese) means “old book cover”. It was created by Hiep Tong, a designer from Vietnam who tries to express the old values in his work. Excellent choice for any type of print project, whether that’s a book cover, logo, poster or anything editorially based. Biasachxua is free for personal use!

ff437374305591.5c2b8d8ac3251 84747e74305591.5c2b8d8ac3a39 331b4774305591.5c2b8d8ac3e20 261b4374305591.5c2b8d8ac2e17 d8b37274305591.5c2b8d8ac41f9 c2cf9a74305591.5c2b8d8ac45d5 05bfac74305591.5c2b8d8ac4e7f db710b74305591.5c2b8d8ac55bf 736c0f74305591.5c2d9220278cc 03e76b74305591.5c2b8d8ac4a6b

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