Popular Design News of the Week: February 15, 2021 – February 21, 2021

WebdesignerDepot Staff By WDD Staff  |  Feb. 21, 2021

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The best way to keep up with the most important stories for web professionals is to subscribe to Webdesigner News or check out the site regularly. However, in case you missed a day this week, here’s a handy compilation of the top curated stories from the last seven days. Enjoy!


The New Trello – Going Beyond the Board


Flameshot – Superb Screenshot Tool


GitHub Surf – Open repositories in a VSCode Environment


The Never-Ending Job of Selling Design Systems


The Secret Ingredients to Design


What Saul Bass Can Teach Us About Web Design


2021 Planner for Notion – A Smart Notion Workspace


Ideas for CSS Button Hover Animations


Ray.so – Create Beautiful Images of Your Code


Variable Font Reveals The Full Horror of The Climate Crisis


Design Systems For Figma: Year In The Life Of A Material Design Advocate


Interface Market – An Extensive Collection of App UI Kits


DogeHouse – Open-Source Audio Chat on the Web


Interaction Design is More Than Just User Flows and Clicks


Design Trends 2021


Straw.Page – Extremely Simple Website Builder


The Impact of Web Design and SEO Conversion Rates


Powerful Microinteractions to Improve Your Prototypes


What’s New in Ecommerce, February 2021


Colortopia – The Easiest Way to Find Colors


5 Simple Design Patterns to Improve Your Website


TextBuddy for macOS – A Swiss Army Knife for Plain Text


Upcoming Interesting JavaScript ES2021 (ES12) Features


WordPress 5.7: Big ol’ jQuery Update


JavaScript reducer – A Simple, Yet Powerful Array Method