Vikas Agrawal

Vikas Agrawal is a start-up Investor and co-founder of the Infographic design agency, He is a highly influential research analyst and strategic marketing consultant. Vikas advises and plans the visual marketing campaigns of Medium to Large companies. Vikas has worked globally across multiple industries including retail, financial services, logistics, manufacturing, telecoms and pharmaceuticals deploying effective strategic marketing plans and methodologies. A renowned blogger on the subject of Technology, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Mira Brody

Mira Brody is a copywriter and editor at Montana web design firm JTech Communications, where she's a member of the custom web development team providing technical writing and creating brand personas for a diverse array of clients.

Melissa Chelf

Melissa Chelf is a co-founder of Coulee Creative, a web design agency fueled with creativity and driven by results. She's also fueled with and driven by peanut butter cookies. Follow Coulee Creative on Twitter and Facebook.

Jorrit Baerends

Jorrit Baerends is founder of Adpiler. Adpiler is a project management tool for banner production agencies. You can preview HTML5 banner ads to your clients and easily manage all of their feedback.

Daniel Eckler

Daniel Eckler is the founder of Mylo: The Simplest Way for Men to Dress Well. Mylo helps you get dressed with the items you own and builds your wardrobe with quality staples.

Nick Rojas

Nick Rojas is a business consultant and writer who lives in Los Angeles and Chicago. He has consulted small and medium-sized enterprises for over twenty years. You can follow him on Twitter @NickARojas.

Micah Daigle

Micah is a designer who’s worked on brand and product with companies like Hackpad and Asana. He’s now consulting and is based in San Francisco. To find out more about him, check out or say hi @micahdaigle

David Tendrich

David Tendrich is the co-founder of Reliable PSD: the first-ever PSD to HTML & Wordpress service created by designers, for designers. He’s also the co-head of creative agency Unexpected Ways. Follow David and his team on Twitter for cool updates and nerdy design stuff.

Kevin Vertommen

Kevin is an online marketer with a passion for design and photography. He is the founder of Fuseo, where he helps businesses grow online.

Matt Banner

Matt Banner is a digital marketing expert who specializes in helping beginners learn how to start and grow their own blog. You can follow him on Twitter @blastyourblog.

Gerald Hanks

Gerald Hanks has been involved in web development applications since 1996. He has designed applications with JavaScript, ASP.NET and PHP, as well as building databases in MS SQL Server and MySQL. He lives in Houston, Texas.

Phil Leggetter

Phil Leggetter is a Real-Time Web Software and Technology Evangelist and Consultant, coder, blogger and author. You can get him on Twitter via @leggetter.

Matt Pass

Matt Pass is a Digital Director at ICE Creative, a branding & web design company in the UK. He has over 13 years experience in the web industry, creating web solutions for some of the the biggest global companies and has actually completed an A-Z of clients during his career. Best known for ICEcoder (his own web IDE) he is very active in the open source community but when not coding likes to look after penguins at his favourite wildlife park, Living Coasts. Follow him on Twitter @mattpass or checkout his Github account

Aidan Huang

Aidan Huang is a self-taught developer, designer and blogger. He is also the editor-in-chief at Onextrapixel. Follow him on Twitter @AidanOXP

Shakir Akorede

Shakir Akorede is a writer, content marketer, and the founder of 501 Words. He's a regular contributor to the World Economic Forum, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Forbes Africa, and other top publications.

Penina Finger

Penina Finger is passionate about design, real brand and community. She owns the Fantastic Machine design studio and is also a partner at H1Talent. Feel free to say hi, ask questions and debate ideas with her on Twitter @peninasharon.

Martyn Perks

@martynperks Management consultant, writer & speaker on design, technology & innovation.

Chris Benstead

Chris Benstead is a digital strategist at Degree 53, a Manchester-based digital design and build agency.

Ben Cook

Ben Cook works at - the simple content delivery solution that is quick to enable, truly integrated and developer centric. Follow them on Twitter @sectionio

Samuel Norton

Sam Norton is a web designer and a front web developer with over 2 years of experience in the industry. Have a passion for designing detailed, creative and modern websites & graphics. He spend most of his time practically every day, experimenting with HTML, CSS and Wordpress.

Harry Atkins

Harry Atkins is a front-end designer & developer originally from the south of England and now living in Paris, France. Passionate about all types of design, he loves to code and learn about new things online. He also is a massive lover of music, art and films. Follow him on Twitter @harryjatkins and go look at his website:

Wes McDowell

I work as creative director for The Deep End Design in Chicago. When not working with clients, I also oversee our blog, and co-host “The Deeply Graphic DesignCast,” a podcast for graphic and web designers.

Andy Brattle

Andy is a Director of a leading digital design agency Beyond, specialising in user-centerd branding and creative design services. He specialises in UX led, responsive design. Andy’s passionate about the power of digital to influence user behavior. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter.

Ben Chong

Ben Chong is the CEO and Founder of MarketJS, a cross platform game developer and distributor. Our goal is to help brands and businesses succeed via games.

Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis is a certified MailChimp expert and teaches a popular online course that helps you understand and use the features you’re already paying for in MailChimp - called Chimp Essentials.

Jeffrey Wisard

Jeffrey Wisard is the Digital Marketing Manager at Drupal Partners. When he’s not writing about marketing, web dev and how to hire a Drupal developer, you can find him on his bike or run commuting home. Follow him on Twitter at @DrupalPartners.

Andrew Zusman

Andrew Zusman is a user experience designer at Inkod-Hypera and the creator of the 52 Designers project. Andrew is also the writer of a popular user experience design blog. He lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel with his girlfriend Natasha and their dog Indy.

Megan Kluttz

Megan is the Senior Designer at Tendigi, a mobile design and development studio in New York City. Find her on Twitter (@heartsarts).

Rachel McPherson

Rachel is currently working as the vice president of communications at Active Collab. After finishing her master's degree in Communications she pursued a career in the digital industry, most notably in marketing and public relations.

Patrick Cox

Patrick is the co-founder of a couple ventures; Aplethora (two man design firm) and Patrick is a interaction design and UI developer who enjoys spending time with his family, snowboarding and drinking way too much water with sugar free mix-ins.

Jordan Crone

Jordan is a Cincinnati-based digital designer and UX enthusiast. He's worked extensively with clients ranging from national corporations to local non-profits. You can follow his tweets at and writings at

Keenan Payne

Keenan Payne is a full time student and a freelance web designer in his spare time. Besides writing and web design, he loves to skateboard and snowboard, and has been doing both for 11 and 6 years respectively, although some would say it’s getting progressively harder for him to step away from his work and wander outside.

Dmitry Dragilev

Dmitry Dragilev is founder of, a software tool that has been used by 5,000 businesses to pitch journalists and get featured in the press, all on their own without PR firms. Dmitry also runs, an online PR & SEO coaching program for businesses that want to learn, and do, PR & SEO on their own. Since its inception, this program has helped 800+ students from 25 different countries. In a not so distant past, Dmitry used PR & SEO to grow multiple startups from start to acquisition by Google. More about his story and his latest articles on his blog, Find Dmitry on Twitter @dragilev.

Jason Mark

@JasonOnDesign: co-founder of Gravity Switch, frequent contributor to popular nerd blogs, and dynamic speaker on topics such as web & mobile development, graphic design, and project management. In a past life he was one of the first professors to teach internet strategy and web design at a graduate level. His passion? Helping people "take it to the next level". Follow Jason on Google +

Cassandra Naji

Cassandra Naji is Marketing Content Editor at Justinmind, a prototyping tool that allows you to prototype web and mobile apps so you can visualize and test your software solution before writing a single line of code. Before she was a techie, Cassandra was an old-fashioned journalist and communications professional in Cambodia and Taiwan.

Adam Hughes

Adam is a Frontend Developer based in Liverpool, UK. With a focus on user experience he has worked with clients such as Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC and Volkswagen. Follow his hair brained schemes and projects on twitter @lostmybrain

Ling Lim

Ling Lim was an architectural designer in Singapore before she decided to pack her bags to explore her possibilities halfway across the world. She is now Head of Product Design at a growing startup, myWebRoom, based in San Francisco. When she is not solving problems, she enjoys powerlifting and visiting new places. Twitter @uxlifter Medium @uxlifter

Paula Borowska

Paula is a freelance web designer who documents her travels with photos and words. She works with small companies to help them create products that change the lives for their customers all in the hopes of gaining more customers and retaining their current ones longer.