Francois Lanthier Nadeau

Francois is a content crafter and marketing lead at Snipcart, a shopping cart platform for developers. You can follow him on Twitter.

Jack Filose

Jack Filose is a front-end developer and designer with a keen interest in performance and usability. You can find him on Twitter.

Jenna Scaglione

Jenna is the owner of Lady Content, a unique “content makeover” service. She is a successful writer, internet marketer, and a lover of family, friends and life. She enjoys helping her clients boost their conversions and increase brand awareness on the internet through content writing and social media. Connect with Jenna on Twitter or chat with her on Facebook.

Speider Schneider

Speider Schneider is a former member of The Usual Gang of Idiots at MAD Magazine and has designed products for Disney/Pixar, Warner Bros., Harley-Davidson, ESPN, Mattel, DC and Marvel Comics, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon among other notable companies. Speider is a former member of the board for the Graphic Artists Guild, co-chair of the GAG Professional Practices Committee and a former board member of the Society of Illustrators. Follow him on Twitter @speider or add him on

Jordan Foreman

Jordan Foreman is a full-stack web developer living in scenic Des Moines, IA. When he's not drawing wireframes or brushing up on the latest web technologies, you can find him playing guitar, reading comics, or running.

Saijo George

Saijo George works an SEO Strategy Director for Melbourne based award winning marketing agency Supple. When he is not reading up on web design and digital marketing, he is either working on side projects OR playing Helldivers / Hearthstone / Call Of Duty. You can find him on twitter : @Saijo_George and LinkedIn

Susie Francis

The post was written by Susie Francis a content writer for Bring Digital, the no nonsense Web Marketing Company.

Daniel Davidson

Daniel Davidson is a web designer and marketer who has been developing his skill over the last two decades. He is the founder of By Dan Design Co., a premium web design agency that specializes in web design and conversion optimization.

Jerry Cao

Jerry Cao is a content strategist at UXPin — the wireframing and prototyping app — where he develops in-app and online content. To learn the methods, tools, and processes of UX prototyping, download the free The Guide to Prototyping.

Sara Vieira

Sara Vieira is a freelance Web Designer and Developer with a passion for HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery. You can follow her on twitter or check out her website.

Anton Sten

I enjoy making digital products work. I am a major proponent of understanding the human element of design and how people interact with it. This seems to change daily and is a rewarding challenge to stay on the forefront of good practice in UI/UX design. Visit me at I have just launched my first book called User Experiences that Matter.

Mark Robbins

Mark Robbins is an Email Developer and CSS Hacker at you can follow him for more email and CSS hack on twitter @M_J_Robbins and

Sherman Lee

Sherman Lee is the founder of Good Sense. He is an entrepreneur, high-end consultant and blogger. He writes about productivity, freelancing, user experience, customer development and marketing. Learn more about him here, or follow his updates on Twitter @sherm8n.

Jason Mark

@JasonOnDesign: co-founder of Gravity Switch, frequent contributor to popular nerd blogs, and dynamic speaker on topics such as web & mobile development, graphic design, and project management. In a past life he was one of the first professors to teach internet strategy and web design at a graduate level. His passion? Helping people "take it to the next level". Follow Jason on Google +

Jason McGovern

Jason McGovern is a user-centered designer and wannabe golfer. He invites you to connect on Twitter @maccgizzle, follow his experiments on, or catch his latest rant on

Alex Jasin

Looking for more design strategies like this? Learn more at Metapress and X3 Digital, or connect with Alex Jasin directly on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Read more of Jasin’s writing on Business Insider, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, CMI, Internet Retailer, The Next Web and other major publications.

Aquil Akhter

Aquil Akhter is a web graphic designer and has been working in this field for 10 years. He also runs the blog, which focuses on free web resources and inspiration for designers and developers.

Christian Vasile

Christian Vasile is a Romanian web designer and online publisher based in Denmark. He has a crazy passion for design, usability and user experience and shares his thoughts with WDD from March 2013.

Phil Singleton

Phil Singleton is a WordPress web designer at Kansas City Web Design® and provides Internet marketing and search engine optimization consulting services.   He has been a contributing writer for sites such as Freshbooks, Duct Tape Marketing, Regus, Ahrefs and SEMRush. Phil loves reading, blogging and speaking about web design and Internet marketing, and is writing a book on SEO called New SEO: Search Engine Optimization For Web Designers & Small Business Owners, due for release in 2015.

Phil Leggetter

Phil Leggetter is a Real-Time Web Software and Technology Evangelist and Consultant, coder, blogger and author. You can get him on Twitter via @leggetter.

Yona Gidalevitz

Yona is Codal’s technical researcher & writer. He is responsible for content strategy, documentation, blogging, and editing. He works closely with Codal’s UX, development, marketing, and administrative teams to produce all manner of written content. You can check out his work on Codal’s blog, Usability Geek, Invisionapp, and Medgadget’s blog, among others. In his free time, Yona is an avid guitarist, cook, and traveler.

Adam Fairhead

Adam Fairhead is an experienced Web/UX Designer on a mission to use his God-given gifts in design to help others. He has worked with people in many different countries, from many different industries, and loves every minute of it. You can connect with Adam over a cup of tea or on Twitter @adamfairhead.

Keir Whitaker

Keir Whitaker works at Shopify & co-hosts The Back to Front Show podcast. He regulary writes about, and shares links on, ecommerce, the web industry & podcasting.

Harry Atkins

Harry Atkins is a front-end designer & developer originally from the south of England and now living in Paris, France. Passionate about all types of design, he loves to code and learn about new things online. He also is a massive lover of music, art and films. Follow him on Twitter @harryjatkins and go look at his website:

Rachel Andrew

Rachel Andrew is a web developer, writer and speaker from the UK. She has been working on the web since 1996 and is co-founder of Perch CMS. Rachel writes about business and technology on her site at and can be found on Twitter @rachelandrew.

Thomas Peham

Thomas Peham is a tech marketer at Usersnap. He helps startups in web development grow. In his free time he writes about the latest design & development trends on his german blog. Say hello on Twitter.

Avery Wagner

Avery Enderle Wagner is Marketing and Content Director at Hoot Design Co. Find her @averyenderle, hidden away in the library, or side-eyeing the snack bar.

Wes McDowell

I work as creative director for The Deep End Design in Chicago. When not working with clients, I also oversee our blog, and co-host “The Deeply Graphic DesignCast,” a podcast for graphic and web designers.

Sergio Nouvel

Sergio Nouvel (@shesho) is a chilean-born designer, Director at Continuum Peru and entrepreneur. He has worked with big companies and small startups in Latin America, helping them building better digital products and business models. Co-creator of Scope Canvas. He is also co-founder of Get on Board, a job board focused on tech professionals.

Dustin Cartwright

Dustin Cartwright is a UI/Web Designer & Front-End Developer from Baltimore, Maryland. He spends the majority of his time focusing on user experience research and is passionate about building things for the web.

Simon Schmid

Simon works on iubenda and obsesses over details at The Godfounder. You can connect with Simon on Twitter @s2imon.

Anna Wakeling

Anna spends her days writing about content marketing, personal branding, and other issues pertinent to freelancing and small business. The rest of the time, you can find her drinking coffee and being a huge nerd at and on Twitter @heyimawake.

Matthew Pizzi

Matthew Pizzi is an Adobe Certified instructor with over 15 years of experience teaching Adobe applications. He has been a speaker at industry events like Adobe MAX and Social Media Week and has authored several books on Adobe’s products. Matthew’s training videos are featured regularly on which demonstrate new and important features of their Creative Cloud offerings. You can visit Train Simple to view his online courses.

CJ Gammon

CJ Gammon is a Creative Technologist at Adobe focusing on new web technology with the goal to showcase the creative potential of the web and inspire the community through innovative applications and experiences.

Daniel Eckler

Daniel Eckler is the founder of Mylo: The Simplest Way for Men to Dress Well. Mylo helps you get dressed with the items you own and builds your wardrobe with quality staples.

Rachel McPherson

Rachel is currently working as the vice president of communications at Active Collab. After finishing her master's degree in Communications she pursued a career in the digital industry, most notably in marketing and public relations.

Javier Cuello

UX designer specialising in mobile, currently resides in Barcelona. He’s co-author of the book Designing Mobile Apps. Find him on Twitter as @millonestarde.

David Conner

David Conner is a UI designer and front-end developer from Boca Raton, FL. He is passionate about the web and loves the openness of the community. Check him out on his site or follow him on twitter at @dave_conner to learn about the latest in web design and development.